Kabul administration begs for war-18/11/2020

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

“We do not beg for peace,” Hanif Atmar, the Kabul administration’s foreign minister, told the so-called parliament. He said that without international consensus there could be no peace in Afghanistan and without peace in Afghanistan there could be no stability in the world. Atmar added that the biggest threat was terrorism and the most effective way to prevent terrorism The way is to maintain the democratic system, which he described as the current Kabul administration. The Kabul administration is trying in various ways to undermine the confidence of the oppressed people and the world in the ongoing peace process . Peace can be achieved by sabotaging peace, war and expansion of power.

The Kabul administration claims that there are twenty terrorist groups active in Afghanistan to persuade the world to continue the war in Afghanistan. If you do not take action against them here, they will attack you in those countries and you Will be forced to fight, so when you fight them in your countries you will harm your people and country, let’s destroy your enemy here in Afghanistan, we are ready to serve you day and night.

Afghanistan and the Afghan people are in dire need of peace, it is natural that no effort should be spared in achieving what is most needed, since the oppressed people are in dire need of peace. What is the abomination of begging?

The Afghan people are demanding peace and contrary to the interpretation of the Kabul administration it is not a begging for peace but the shariah, legal and human right of the Afghan people to live in peace, end aggression and establish a system of their choice.

The Islamic Emirate made great efforts for peace and for the end of the war and for the establishment of peace, the delegations of the Emirate visited different countries, endured great hardships and sufferings and are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices for the establishment of peace. There is no harm in praying for peace, but it is an initiative and an honor to establish peace for the devastated country and the oppressed people.

From the head of the Kabul administration to lower-ranking officials in foreign tours, conferences and the media, all these have been urging the international and regional countries to continue the war in Afghanistan and they are constantly begging for war but peace. They are ashamed to beg.

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