Outreach of world countries to the Islamic Emirate

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Date: August 01, 2021

Diplomatic representatives of the Islamic Emirate made successful visits to Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan. The British Defense Secretary also said that Britain is ready to work with the Islamic Emirate if it comes to power.

During successful visits to various neighboring countries, including the Russian Federation, and during joint presser with senior officials there, representatives of the Islamic Emirate explained the peaceful policy of the Islamic Emirate to the world. Ensuring positive relations with the world, the Islamic Emirate’s control over most of the country and its ability of ending of violence and anarchy in the conquered territories are facts that cause the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate as an important military and political force, and is the reason for their willingness to talk to the Islamic Emirate as Afghanistan’s representative.

Recently, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that if the Islamic Emirate came to power, Britain could work with it. These remarks by the British Defense Secretary show that the international community has now recognized the Islamic Emirate as credible and the legitimate representative of the aspirations and hopes of the Afghan people.

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated in its official statements that it seeks positive relations with the rest of the world, governed by mutual respect. The mission of the Islamic Emirate is peace, stability and the establishment of a strong Islamic system in Afghanistan. It has offered many sacrifices for these objectives. With these points in mind, the Islamic Emirate is ready for positive relations with the international community.

Source: Official website of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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