Each of the Federations shall be an independent sovereign State whose boundaries and whose relations with the other members of the Commonwealth in regard to matters of mutual interest such as defence, external affairs, communications and customs shall have been previously defined by agreement or with the aid of agreed machinery as hereinafter provided.

economical function of monasteries was to serve as houses of shelter for travellers, as hospitals for the sick, and as centres of relief for the poor. These were their functions all through the Middle Ages; but in the time immediately preceding the Reformation the office of relieving the poor assumed a new character and importance.

EVENING had fallen on the grey walls of Stirling Castle, and dark night on the town itself, where narrow streets and high gables gave early welcome to the mirk, while the westward-facing turrets of the Castle still reflected the departing glory of the sky. With something suggestive of stealth in his movements, a young man was picking his way through the thickening gloom of the streets.

In view of the internal situation particularly relating to the economic life of the people, and In view of the rapid pace at which international events are marching, and in view of the necessity of India being represented in her own right and by her own representatives at all international conferences and peace conferences, if any, this Committee strongly recommends that the following

We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to form a Sovereign Democratic Republic and to establish Democratic Socialist Order, wherein social justice willprevail and all citizens will lead comfortable, free and cultured life, and enjoy equality of status and opportunity and liberty of thought, expression, faith and worship, do hereby, through our chosen representatives assembled in the Constituent Assembly, adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.

Distribution and Movement of Population Introductory Remarks The statistical dealt wit in this report cover the whole of the territory known as the Indian Empire, lying roughly between longitudes 61o to 101o E. and latitudes 18 o to 37 o N., and embracing (a) the territories directly controlled by the Government of India, generally known as British India, and (b) the Indian states, consisting of areas […]

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