In the “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) on COVID-19 vaccine prepared and uploaded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, in its official website, the question which appears under serial number 3 reads, “Is it mandatory to take the vaccine?” The “potential response”, which is provided in the official website reads, “Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary. However, it is advisable to receive the complete schedule of COVID-19 vaccine for protecting oneself against this disease and also to limit the spread of this disease to the close contacts including family members, friends, relatives and co-workers.”

The greatest teachers in ancient India, whose names are still remembered, were forest-dwellers. By the shady border of some sacred river or Himalayan lake they built their altar of fire, grazed their cattle, harvested wild rice and fruits for their food, lived with their wives and children in the bosom of primeval nature, meditated upon the deepest problems of the soul, and made it their object of life to grow in sympathy with all creation and in communion with the Supreme Being. There students flocked round them and had their lessons of immortal life in the atmosphere of truth, peace and freedom of the spirit.

Both the man and the woman desiring to contract a marriage shall register in person with the marriage registration office. If the proposed marriage is found to conform with the provisions of this Law, the couple shall be allowed to register and issued marriage certificates. The husband-and-wife relationship shall be established as soon as they obtain the marriage certificates. A couple shall go through marriage registration if it has not done so.

The Shangshan site was first discovered in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in 2000. Archaeologists later excavated remains related to rice cultivation dating back about 10,000 years, the earliest known remains of settlements, and several painted pottery remains. The site is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China, the Shangshan site is so far the earliest known remains of rice farming in the world. As an origin of rice farming, the Shangshan culture occupies an important position in the formation of Chinese civilization.

For the sake of economic development, promoting land utilization, and enhance social welfare, land used for national defense, government administration, public facilities, passages under balconies or hallways, academic research, education, transportation, irrigation, water supply, salt mining, religious purpose, health care, sanitation, public or private cemetery, charity or public interest enterprises, and reasonable self-use residence, as well as reconsolidated, reclaimed and ameliorated land may receive appropriate reduction or exemption; the relevant reduction and exemption criteria and procedures shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan.

বেদে আর অনেক বৈষ্ণব পুরাণেতে।
মাদ্য অন্ত মধ্যে হরি সর্ব্বত্র গায়তে॥
বেদে রামায়ণে আর পুরাণ ভারতে।
নানা মত শাস্ত্র যত আছয়ে জগতে॥
শাস্ত্র যত বিবরিয়া বুঝিহ উত্তম।
আদ্য অন্ত মধ্যে পরে সার হরিনাম॥

This law makes this the most significant investment in roads and bridges in the past 70 years. It makes the most significant investment in passenger rail in the past 50 years and in public transit ever. The bipartisan law will modernize our ports, our airports, our freight rail to make it easier for companies to get goods to market; reduce supply chain bottlenecks, as we’re experiencing now; and lower cost for you and your family. This law builds back our bridges, our water systems, our powerlines, our levees better and stronger so few Americans will be flooded out of their homes or lose power in those days and weeks that comes with the storms that hit.

Our government brought in the new laws with a good intention, full sincerity and complete dedication for the welfare of farmers, especially for small farmers, in the interest of the agriculture and the country and for the bright future of the poor in villages. But we have not been able to explain to some farmers such a sacred thing which is absolutely pure and for the benefit of the farmers despite our efforts.  

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