by the Working Committee of the Congress in its session held at Badoli, a district in Guzrat winch had been chosen by Gandhi as the first place where civil disobedience should be started under his personal supervision. The Bardoli Resolution, which suspended all revolutionary activities, included the following clauses which left no doubt whatsoever as to the social affiliation of the Congress leadership.

The government of El Salvador (GOES) has been generally perceived as ineffective in improving its investment climate. Political polarization, cumbersome bureaucracy and regulations, an ineffective judicial system, and widespread violence and extortion have all contributed to this perception. The GOES has taken some measures to improve the business climate, with very limited results thus far. Presidential elections in February 2019 may impede further progress.

These verses were added to the Quran, by the first three Caliphs, to aid the expansion of Islam by war”, the former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board has said in his plea, according to reports. Rizvi wrote in the petition that “after Mohammad, the first Caliphs Hazrat Abu Bakr, the second Caliphs Hazrat Umar and the third namely Hazrat Usman released the Quran as a book, based on the oral preaching of Mohammad Sahab. This was passed on from generation to generation.

We, representatives of the Salvadoran people gathered in a Constituent Assembly, our trust in God, our will in the high destinations of the country and in the exercise of sovereign power that the people of El Salvador have conferred on us, encouraged by the fervent desire to establish the foundations of national coexistence based on respect for the
dignity of the human person, in the construction of a more just society, the essence of democracy and the spirit of freedom and justice, values ​​of our humanist heritage. We decree, sanction and proclaim the following Constitution:

Legal system: based on Spanish law, with traces of common law; constitution adopted 1962; military coup on 15 October 1979; judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court; legal education at University of El Salvador; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations

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