Haqiqate Musalman-i-Bengalah :- Origin Of The Musalmans Of Bengal

Origin Of The Musalmans Of Bengal: Being A Translation Of Haqiqate Musalman-I-Bengalah (1895)-Translated by Khondkar Fuzli Rubbee

It is mentioned in Chapter VII of Tanhh-i-Fenshia that in the year 600 A.H., corresponding with 1203 A.D., the first Mahommedan conquest of Bengal was effected hy Bakhtyar Khilji, under tlie guidance of Kuthubddin Aibak, the Emperor of India at that time.

Mahomed Baklityar Khilji was one of the warlord of Ghor, He came to Ghazni during the reign of Sultan Ghias-ud-din Mahomed Sam, and after staying there for a short time, proceeded to India and attached iiimself to Malik Moazzam. Many former inhabitants of Ghor, Ghazni and Khorasan, who had migrated to, and taken to a roving life in, India.

From the time of the government of Mahomed Bakhtyar Khilji down to that of Kudr Khan, Bengal formed a dependency of the throne of Delhi. During this period the Emperor of Delhi used to appoint Viceroys to govern Bengal. But in 1340 A.D. it became an independent kingdom under Sultan Fakhr- uddin, who started as an independent monarch. Bengal retained its independence intact until it was subverted by Akbar in 1576 A.D., after the defeat of its ruler DauJ Shah. From this time down to the year 1765 A.D, when the East India Company obtained the Diwani of Bengal, the country remained subject to the control of the Mughal Emperor.

When Nadir Shah, King of Iran, invaded India in the reign of the Emperor Mahmud Shah — Shuja Khan, who was then Governor of Bengal, threw off his allegiance to the throne of Delhi and assumed independence. This independence of the country lasted until it passed into the hands of the English. During this period of 562 years, namely, from the advent of the Moslems down to that of the English in this country, different Musalman dynasties held in succession the imperial sway at Delhi.

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Origin Of The Musalmans Of Bengal

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