New Year Address to the Nation by President Putin of the Russian Federation-31/12/2021

December 31, 2021 23:55
The Kremlin, Moscow

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, friends,

The year 2021 is drawing to a close. Very soon, time will take us from the past into the future.

True, this is something that happens every day, minute and second. But we hear this continuous passage of time most clearly when we welcome the New Year and look forward to it as an important marker in our lives.

We are united in the hope that changes for the better lie ahead. But we know that they cannot be detached or isolated from the events that unfolded in the outgoing year.

We faced enormous challenges, but we learned to live in these harsh circumstances and solve complex problems. Our solidarity made this possible. Together, we continued to combat the dangerous pandemic sweeping every continent, which shows no signs of receding. This elusive disease claimed tens of thousands of lives. Everyone who lost loved ones, please accept my words of sincere support.


Most importantly, we worked together to overcome the difficulties of the outgoing year. We stood up for those in need. First and foremost, we supported senior citizens and families with children who are the future of Russia.

We acted resolutely and consistently to uphold our national interests and the security of the country and our citizens. We took swift action to restore the economy and in many areas we are close to achieving our strategic development objectives.

Of course, many issues remain unresolved. But we did well this year. Most of the credit goes to you, the citizens of Russia. This is the result of your hard work, friends.

Everyone in their own way strove to do their duty, to do even more than seemed possible, and to help those who had it particularly hard. My heartfelt thanks go to all of you.

In challenging times like these, it is particularly important to be creative and committed to your plans no matter what, while working for the benefit of society and your native country.

As we ring in the New Year, we hope that it will bring new opportunities for us. Of course, we hope luck will be on our side, but we understand that making our dreams reality primarily depends on us, on what we prioritise in our daily lives, on our ability to commit to our projects and achieve concrete, tangible results.

These results will be the stepping stones towards the successful implementation of our national plans. Their main goal is to improve the well-being and quality of life of the people. Achieving these goals will make Russia even stronger, and we will be able to ensure the continued progress and prosperity of our Motherland only if we are in it together.


New Year’s Eve is literally filled with good cheer and happy thoughts, as we all try to put our best foot forward. This openness and generosity are the spirit of this wonderful holiday, when it is so important to warm parents’ hearts with kindness and loving care, to hug them if they are near you, and to tell everyone around you how dear they are to you and that happiness is all about love, children, family, and friends.

These are the important values that largely determine the meaning of each person’s life. We all want them to remain a reliable pillar of strength supporting us in the coming year.

This is the time to share our innermost feelings for the people who are near and dear to us, to speak those sincere words of love and gratitude which we do not always have enough time for in our busy lives.

But the real magic of the New Year is that it opens our hearts to empathy and trust, generosity and mercy. Wherever you may be during these minutes – with your family and friends, or in the squares of your beloved cities – you will hear these warm and sincere wishes.

I am pleased to join in these wishes, and to wish a Happy New Year to those who serve in the military or another capacity, who take care of the ill, who are on active duty at their combat post or enforcing law and order. The operation of major transport routes and a large number of plants and critical services goes on interrupted.

Hundreds of thousands of our citizens are employed in these efforts. Thank you for your responsible work which is so important for the country and society.


The New Year is about to begin in a few seconds. Many families, including our compatriots outside Russia, will offer the traditional New Year toast: “Happy New Year! May it be filled with new fortune!” These simple words have a special meaning to us, because they are passed down from generation to generation.

My sincere best wishes, and above all for good health! From that, success in your work, studies, creative endeavours and favourite pursuits will follow.

May every home have as many joyful moments as possible. May there be new families with new children. May they grow up to be healthy and intelligent, honest and free.

May love fill every heart and inspire us all to achieve our goals and scale the greatest heights. For the sake of our loved ones and for the sake of our only country, our great Motherland.

Happy New Year, friends!

Happy 2022

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