We have no obligations at all in the matter. The right hon. Gentleman is quite wrong in thinking that. The question he put to me was whether we would offer our good offices. The purpose he has in mind is, of course, to get an agreed and peaceful settlement of the differences between India and Hyderabad. About that purpose the Government fully agree with him, but in our judgment it would not help to achieve it if we were now to make the offer which the right hon. Gentleman suggests

The Moslem League Ministry, in effect a coalition which included non-Congress, Hindus and representatives of the Scheduled castes which had held office under Khwaja Sir Nazimuddin since April, 1943, was defeated by a snap vote on 28th March. On the following day the Speaker adjourned the assembly sine die on the ground that the. Government, having been defeated, was functus officio. The Governor had no option but to issue the Proclamation under Section 93 and take over the powers of the Ministry and Legislature.

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air how many R.A.F. personnel have had their date of embarkation for return to the United Kingdom delayed by investigations arising out of the R.A.F. strikes; how many R.A.F. personnel have been detained for inquiries connected therewith; how many charged with any offence; how many brought to trial; how many acquitted; and what sentences have been passed on any found guilty.

Food distribution in India is still being maintained. In recent months there has been some improvement in procurement particularly in United Provinces. But stocks held by Provincial and State Governments in Southern India are low. The Government of India report that their ability to hold the situation depends on avoidance of large scale strikes or civil disorder, the continuance of internal procurement on anticipated scale with no serious additional demand on Government controlled stocks and in addition upon an increased flow of imports during the period August to October. In some deficit districts in Bengal there was a sharp rise in the price of rice.

The United States attacked Afghanistan twenty years ago under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and perpetuated and regenerated instability, war and insecurity in that country by maintaining its military presence there. Without promoting and empowering Afghanistan and its people, Washington tactlessly and irresponsibly fled the scene and created the situation that all of us are facing today.

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