GOI ordered blocking of Pakistan funded 35 YouTube channels and 2 websites involved in spreading anti-India fake news under IT Act

The Government and Security

21 JAN 2022

Under rule 16 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has ordered blocking of 35 YouTube based news channels and 2 websites which were involved in spreading anti-India fake news in a coordinated manner over digital media. The YouTube accounts blocked by the Ministry had a total subscriber base of over 1 crore 20 lakh, and their videos had over 130 crore views. Additionally, two Twitter accounts, two Instagram accounts, and one Facebook account have also been blocked by the Government for being involved in spreading coordinated anti-India disinformation over the internet.

Vide five separate orders issued under rule 16 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, the Ministry has ordered to block these Pakistan based social media accounts and websites. Indian intelligence agencies were closely monitoring these social media accounts and websites, and flagged them to the Ministry for immediate action.

Modus Operandi: Coordinated Disinformation Networks

The 35 accounts blocked by the Ministry were all operating from Pakistan, and were identified to be part of four coordinated disinformation networks. These include the Apni Duniya Network operating 14 YouTube channels, and Talha Films Network operating 13 YouTube channels. A set of four channels, and a set of two other channels were also found to be acting in synchronization with each other.

All these networks appeared to be operated with a single goal of spreading fake news oriented towards the Indian audience. The channels which were part of a network used common hashtags and editing styles, were being operated by common persons, and cross promoted each other’s content. Some of the YouTube channels were being operated by anchors of Pakistani TV news channels.

Nature of Content

The YouTube channels, websites, and other social media accounts blocked by the Ministry were used by Pakistan for spreading anti-India fake news about sensitive subjects related to India. These include topics such as the Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and India’s foreign relations with other countries. It was observed that rampant fake news was spread through the YouTube channels regarding the demise of the former Chief of Defence Staff Late General Bipin Rawat. These YouTube channels had also started posting content to undermine the democratic process of the upcoming elections in five states.

The channels propagated content to encourage separatism, divide India on the lines of religion, and create animosity among the various sections of the Indian society. Such information was feared to have the potential to incite the audience into commission of crimes adversely affecting public order in the country.

The recent action taken by the Government follows the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and 2 websites in December, 2021 when the emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021 were first utilized to act against such anti-India fake news networks. The intelligence agencies and the Ministry continue to work closely in order to secure the overall information environment in India.


YouTube channels and Websites Spreading Anti-India Content


TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS                :           1,21,23,500

TOTAL VIEWS                               :           132,04,26,964


Network 1

Sl. NoYouTube ChannelExamples of fake content posted by the channelMedia Statistics
 Khabar with Facts1. Hammas Used Its Drone On India, Narendra Modi Contact With Naftali Bennett For Help | Israel, Gaza2. Ans Haqani Give Order To Talebans Troops To Complete Wish Of Mahmood Ghaznavi | Babri Masjid3. Indian Army High Alert As Narendra Modi Issue New Order About Muslims | Amit Shah, Anas Haqani4. Tayyip Erdogan Takes New Decision About Babri Masjid Give Warning To Yogi | Ram Mandir5. Ans Haqani Give Order To Talebans Jangjus Ready To Give Huge Surprise To Yogi | Modi6. Indian Pilots Start Strikes On Afghan Jangjus As Modi Give Order, Indian Army In Big Trouble |Kabul7. Shah Salman Takes New Decision About Hindus Temple After Tripura Muslims Attack | Qatar, Kuwait8. Qatar Prince Decide To Deport Hindus and Give Important Message To Hasina Wajid | Bangladesh9. Mujahedeen Give Huge Shock To Yogi Adityanath | Babri Masjid, Ram MandirSubscribers: NATotal Views: 8,93,148
 Khabar Taiz1. Shah Salman Give Order To Indian Army Move Back From Saudi Arabia | Muhammad Bin Salman, Modi2. Saudi Arabia Make Restrictions On India, Shah Salman Send Important Message To Imran Khan3. Afghan Jangjus Decide To Take Revenge Of 15 Mosque From Modi | Ram Mandir, Yogi4. 100 Afghan Jangjus Troops Enter In Maqboza Valley To Give Support Kashmirri Mujahedeen5. Qatar and Afghan Jangjus Government Announced To Take Revenge Of Babri Masjid From Modi6. Indian Army Move Back From Maqboza Valley After Afghan Jangjus Warning, Modi Give New Order7. Indian Soldiers Start Suicide Attempts During Duty With Fear Of Kashmirri Mujahedeen8. Indian Army Start Using Weapons On Kashmirri Youngest, Mujahedeen Decide To Take Revenge9. Afghan Jangjus Caught 40 Indian Agents and Hanged At Kabul10. Talebans Troops Ready For Going Ayodhya To Build Babri Masjid and Demolish Ram Mandir | Yogi11. North Korean Army Reached Ladakh To Help Chinese Army, Modi Shocked | Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping12. Indian Army Jawans In Big Trouble At Maqboza Valley As Chinese Troops and Jangjus Enter In Valley13. Modi Apologize To Prince Mohammad Bin Salman As Saudi Arabia Stop Oil Supply To India | MBS14. Chinese Forces Enter In Kashmir To Tackle Indian Army and Freedom Of Kashmiris | Imran Khan, Modi15. Indian Generals Refused Narendra Modi Order, Indian Army Faced Revolt Situation | MM NarvaneSubscribers: 5,550Total Views: 4,92,967 
 Global Truth1. Kritika and Tarini Rawat Give Big Surprise For The Whole Nation Of Neighbor Country Of Pakistan 2. Daughter (of CDS General Rawat) Accept Islam3. RSS Workers Chief Mohan Baghwat And Modi Making New Deal With Afghaan Talebans Leader Ans Haqani4. First Time Kritika and Tarini Rawat Visiting Pakistan After Mi-17 Helicopter Case | Modi, Imran KhanSubscribers: NATotal Views: 1,767,238
 New Global Facts1. Mujahedeen Plans Get Success As Security Guard Trying To Targets On CM2. Shah Salman Make Restrictions On Yogi adityanath To Enter Saudi Arabia | MBS, Modi3. 7 Big State Of India Demanding Separate Country and Indian Army Targeted By Manipur Freedom Fighter4. Shah Salman Order To Send Indian Soldiers In Jail, Modi Make Big Mistake | Muhammad Bin Salman5. Saudi Arabia Announced To Stop Oil Supply To India After Targeting Muslims | Shah Salman, MBS6. Muhammad Bin Salman Takes Historic Revenge and Destroyed Indian Oil Ship In Sea | Shah Salman7. Shah Salman Give Huge Surprise To Modi As Qatar and Kuwait Comes To Help Indian Muslims8. Famous Personality In Trouble After Helicopter Crash | Rajnath Singh9. Security High Alert At Raawwat House, Pura Khandaan Cheekh Utha10. Tarini Rawat Accept Islam After Mi-17 Helicopter Case | Imran KhanSubscribers: 3,01,000Total Views: 4,35,71,169

Network 2

Sl. NoYouTube ChannelExamples of fake content posted by the channelMedia Statistics
 Information Hub1. Isr Chin K Khilaf Khray Ho Gae..!!2. Turkey Ka Vaar Lagataar 10Jan2022..!!3. Chin Pak Ny Chiekhien Nikal Den…!!4. 1050 Tankon sy Hamla…!!5. Tayyip K Drones Cha Gae..!!Subscribers: 7,29,000Total Views: 10,17,73,426
 Flash Now1. Bharat K Khilaf Bara Faisla Ho Gya..!!2. Bangladesh Ka Qabza..!!Subscribers: 2,22,000Total Views: 2,28,53,072

Apni Duniya Network

Sl. No.YouTube ChannelExamples of fake content posted by the channelMedia Statistics
 Faisal Tarar Speaks1. India Defeated By China Badly & Held Talk Over Ladakh & Warning To Pm Modi By China2. Chinese Flag in Galwan Valley & Surrender Of Indian Army To Pm Modi3. Indian Jets Makes New Progress In Afghanistan &Pak Surprised Ghani4. Victory Of Afghan Group & Indian Jet Captured In AfghanistanSubscribers: 4,76,000Total Views: 7,53,89,895
 Apni Dunya TV1. India Defeated By China Badly & Held Talk Over Ladakh2. China & India Air Force Standoff & Pm Modi Asking World To Stop China3. Modi Allow Joe Biden For Use airbaseSubscribers: 9,96,000Total Views: 11,35,80,030
 Haqeekat ki Dunia1. Pakistan Wins From Indian Army At Siachen As Indian Army Chief Surrender In fort Qamar Bajwa2. Congrat’s ! Milestone Achievement Of Imran Khan & Nightmare For Pm Modi3. Big Development by Russia For USA NATO| PM Modi Security Enhanced,Why?Latest News|Haqeeqat ki Dunya4. Breaking ! Alarming Situation For Pm Modi As Army Chief Wrote Warning Letter With Solid MessageSubscribers: 14,90,000Total Views: 20,53,37,557
 Shahzad Abbas1. India ready to launch IB missiles on Pakistan as and Indus Waters Treaty Detail By Shahzad Abbas2. India and hamid karzai new propaganda for Pakistan3. India Pakistan current situation From TLP long march And Imran khan to Pak Army latest operation4. Big Report of India about Clashes of Hindu Sikh | Moodi Sarkar fails to Handle Conflicts in StateSubscribers: NATotal Views: 1,230,954
 Mera Pakistan With Shahab1. Victorious Moment For Gen Bajwa & Imran Khan & Pakistan Becomes Last Option For Pm Modi Detail By MP2. Pm Modi Open New Front For Imran Khan&Gen Bajwa To Ban Cricket In Pakistan3. Pakistan ki aik aur Jeet aur India ki HaarSubscribers: 1,34,000Total Views: 43,14,072
 Khabar With Ahmad1. Chinese Mongol Army Enters Galwan Valley on Horses2. Khalistan Flag on Indian Parliament3. 15 Thousands Hindus Become Muslims Because of Maulana Kaleem SaddiqueSubscribers: 34,200Total Views: 28,85,895
 HR Tv1. Genaral bipin rawat samoothly going to hell breaking news#PMModitweet#indianArmy#bipinrawat2. 1000 isreal dron in #LAC #indianArmy #china#indiachina#Ladhak#apnidunyanetworkSubscribers: NATotal Views: 12,68,313
8Sabee Kazmi1. Indian Chief of Air helicopter Who is behind this?| Faisalabad Incident reality2. 160 Million security failure India blames ISI3. Khalistan is a reality4. How in 15 Minutes China Captured India  5. Mastermind of Johar Town blast is an Indian citizen associated with RAW.Subscribers: 51,500Total Views: 42,31,907
9Such Tv Network1. India in FATF grey list2. India is under siege and not ready to stand against China and Pakistan but Quad has expectations3. Modi is not allowed to enter Arunachel Pradesh without visa4. IAF helicopter Mi-17 carrying Indian CDS General Bipin Rawat, had collaborations with U.S. PentagonSubscribers: 1,80,000Total Views: 1,76,20,534
 Saqib Speaks1. India Saudi Oil War | Pm Modi Betrayed MBS & Joins Hands With Iran| Imran & Bajwa Enjoying2. Russia Refuse To Help Out Modi As China India Ladkah3. Inside Story & Link Of Karachi Stock Exchange With India4. Pakistan China Not Acceptable ! India Turns Down Relations With Russia5. Pm Modi Orders To Broke Agreement Between China India Ladakh6. Forget Russia Then We Will Support You Against China US to India7. Major Setback For Narendra Modi As 17 State Takes Stands For His DesireSubscribers: 2,57,000Total Views: 2,01,85,193
 Salman HaidarOfficial1. Breaking ! India Tripura Update From Pakistan ! RSS and indian Army Muslim operation2. China decided to take more territory from IndiaSubscribers: 1,16,000Total Views: 1,26,10,116
 Sajid Gondal Speaks1. Sikh Community Towards Khalistan & Modi Sarkar In Big Trouble2. New Referendum Taking New Direction In India3. Finally India Caught Behind New Zealand Tour& Email To Martin Guptill Wife As Fawad Chaudhry PressSubscribers: 2,16,000Total Views: 8,00,61,734
13.Maleeha Hashmey1. How India’s New Drone Drama Failed2. Why India is Afraid of COAS – General Bajwa! – Maleeha HashmeySubscribers: 1,39,000Total Views: 14,688,436
14.Umar Daraz Gondal1. imran khan skardu airport India’s slam response To Pakistan Detail By Umar daraz gondal2. Aghanistan issue Iranian Fm Visit India After Accused Pakistan&indian Media claim Mullah abdul ghani3. Another big victory for Pakistan, Pakistan won the case from India details by Nouman Speaks4. India Afghanistan T20 match-fixing evidence Shoaib Akhtar made the Indian media silent Virat Kohli5. India provided Big evidence to Pakistan For ISI behind Ludhiana court blast|gen nadeem anjumSubscribers: 3,96,000 Total Views: 3,48,81,037

Talha Films

Sl. NoYouTube ChannelExamples of fake content posted by the channelMedia Statistics
 Khoji TV1. Latest video of plane of India and bipin rawat2. Another plan of Pak Army reached in India with medicine and other treatment3. Indian Israeli air strike hits Syrian port and S-400 not perform well4. Why Narendra Modi Coming to Pakistan | Big success of Pakistan ISI5. Indian Navy Face Big Embracement after latest big development of hitting his own shipSubscribers: 21,80,000Total Views: 230,5,65,187
 Khoji TV 2.01. Indian CDS Bipin Rawat MI 17 Helicopter Full Latest Video2. iran ask india not to use irani air space for their flights & chahbahar is now part of gawadar port3. Pakistan ne india k rivers pr qbza kr lia4. Pakistan Helping India | Pakistan 50 Ambulance reach To Help India5. crazy plan of narendra modi ajit doval and amit shah did not worked in wadiSubscribers: 9,92,000Total Views: 6,30,63,489
 Cover Point1. Chinese military waves flag in hamachal per-dash | Indian military surrender against china2. America support independence of Indian Punjab3. North Korea President Announced Atomic Bomb Ready for India4. Chinese Fighter Jets J-11 Enter in India and Target Atomic Area5. Pak Army Take Down Indian S-400 Missile Using Ababeel Missile6. China takes control over India with Missiles7. Big Development in Afghanistan after 6 Indian pilot capture8. Indian Atom Bomb of 7kg uranium lost Pakistan Army and ISI WIN9. IAF First Rafael Fighter Jet Down During Training ExerciseSubscribers: 7,13,000Total Views: 6,88,03,478
 Junaid Flix1. Shopian became a graveyard of Indians | Ghaznavi force collapsed on Indian army2. In Poonch, the Mujahideen made such a move that it was difficult to save the life of the Indian army3. Indian Army APne halak Fojiyon ko chor kr bhag gai | Kashmir Azadi Kay qareeb4. Indian army chief announces attack on Azad Kashmir5. Erdogan grabs Modi by the neck6. Breakin | Painful sitution of Indian soldiers in Poonch forest7. Breaking News | US, India complete preparations for attack on China | China digs joint grave of bothSubscribers: 29,800Total Views: 41,16,259
 National Studio1. India main Kisano ka Barhta hua Qatal – e – aam2. new orders from modi sarkar to public of asaam and new development in the regionSubscribers: 2,08,000Total Views: 1,28,95,298
 Informative world1. Problems in india for Sikh community & no response by world.2. Israel Using India for its Own Benefits | Informative WorldSubscribers: 1,450Total Views: 38,795
 DunyaOfficial1. Bloodshed begins. Massacre of Muslims. Bodies. Kill Muslims (Translated from Urdu)2. Saudi Arabia Big Action Against India Indian Peoples And Stop Indian Oil Supply | Dunya Official3. pak army talban face to face in india indian army big action against vally news | india newsSubscribers: 1,14,000Total Views: 2,08,03,517
 Studio3601. indian army brilliant man kill army major officer in Loc Subscribers: 3,90,000Total Views: 3,39,09,635
 Haqeeqat Tv News1. Pm Modi Restore Article 370 35A China India Standoff | Trending PointsSubscribers: 5,08,000Total Views: 5,82,45,542
 Haqeeqat TV 7861. Erdogan Brilliant Step About Babri2. Tayyip Erdogan Ram Mandir Demolition3. A Handmade UBGL: Latest Technique Of Kashmir, Indian Army Taking Videos Of Girls.4. Ram Mandir Demolition || BJP, Modi,5. Babri Masjid || Ram Mandir DemolitionSubscribers: 3,19,000Total Views: 3,99,82,059
 Bol Media TV  1. China & India are Once Again Engaging With Each Other on LAC Super Dam Stop Water Flowing into India2. Afgh@n T@liban announce jihad in India after Eid-ul-Fitr3. latest India Will Stop Turkey to Become the Leader of Muslims Replacing Saudi ArabiaSubscribers: NATotal Views: 1,26,79,567
 Urdu Studio  1. India And Modi Team May Revoke Article 370 And 35A In Kashmir2. Pm Modi May Restore Article 370 & 35A & China India Standoff | Daily Viral | 11 July 2021Subscribers: 8,94,000Total Views: 89,20,295
 Zaki Abbas1.  BJP plan uncovered about Muslim & Christian community2. Modi Sarkaar is responsible for India’s defeat (in cricket match)Subscribers: 17,300Total Views: 15,29,147 

Others (which are not part of networks)

Sl. NoYouTube ChannelExamples of fake content posted by the channelMedia Statistics
 White News1. India’s Notorious Business Of Buying & Selling Bengali Girls is Booming2. Indian extremists are destroying mosques of Bengali Muslims3. The extremist terrorist organization Bajrang Dal has set fire to 14 Mosques4. Why Former Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces Gen Bipin Rawat assassinated?5. Indian Tripura Riots | RSS Hindus Set Quran & Mosques On Fire6. 20000 Bengali Muslims were Killed in Assam by Hindu MobsSubscribers: 2,610Total Views: 1,42,460
 DNow1. India Orders New Weapons To Exterminate Kashmiris With More Sophistication2. India’s Changing Tactics in IIOJK: Atrocities To Be More Clandestine3. Indian illegal Ouuupation Of Junagadh Dnow Media4. Lesson for Indian States Seeking Independence from India5. After Babri Masjid, a vicious conspiracy of extremist Hindus to martyr another Masjid6. 73 years have passed since India forcefully annexed the state of Junagadh7. India is using relentless chemical weapons in Kashmir8. If Kashmirs had foreign trainers like Naxals the situation for India could have been direSubscribers: NATotal Views: 72,337 


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