Police Clearance Procedure and Checklist for Multiplexes in Telangana State

Procedure, Checklist and Timelines for Multiplex 11A and 12A


The Andhra Pradesh Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955 and the Andhra Pradesh Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1970


  • The Proponent shall submit the application online through https://eservices.tspolice.gov.in.
  • The applications are pre-scrutinized online to verify it is in full form with all required enclosures.
  • The deficiencies in the application will be informed by the scrutinizing officers to the applicant.
  • If the application is found to be in order, the department will conduct an Inspection and obtain reports from R&B & Electrical Departments & other relevant Departments.
  • The concerned Departments then uploads the inspection report with their recommendation to the department based on the inspection and after receiving all documents the same will be processed accordingly.
  • The concerned Commissioner of Police reviews the report and if all are in order then the approval is signed and shared in the user login space.
  • The user can view and download the copy of the approval in his login.


Fill the application form online though https://eservices.tspolice.gov.in.

Documents to be attached

Checklist for Application Form A-II for grant of Form-B License

1. 8-B NOC
2. 9-B NOC
3. Fire Occupancy certificate from Fire Department
4. GHMC Occupancy certificate
6. NOC from Film Chambers of Commerce
7. Film Division NOC
8. Medical and Health NOC
9. Lease Agreement or any other relevant documents
10. Blueprint of Cinema Theatres/Multiplex with number of screens and seating capacity
11. Application with details with regards to screens, seating and ticket rates proposed
Checklist for Application Form A-II for Renewal Form-12-A
1. Fire Department NOC
2. Electrical Department NOC
4. NOC from Film Chambers of commerce
5. Film Division NOC
6. Medical and Health NOC
7. Copy of form B license

Fee :

Online fee payment(As per fee structure given below)
Fees*: 500/- (If the seats are less than 500 per screen per year)

Fees*: 1000/- (If the seats are more than 500 per screen per year)-The charges vary based on the number of years and number of screens.

Timelines -15 days

CONDITIONS FOR MUTIPLEXES  a. The CCTV system shall be maintained without any interruption. b. Night vision cameras to be installed specially at the box office to capture the images of the patrons buying tickets during the late evening hours. c. The patrons shall be provided with lifts/escalators for exit at the end of the shows on par with such facility provided at the time of entering the theatre. d. The first two rows of seats from the screen shall be earmarked and provided at a lower rate of admission than the seats behind.

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