European Convention on the International Validity of Criminal Judgments-1970

European criminal judgment” means any final decision delivered by a criminal court of a Contracting State as a result of criminal proceedings;

European Treaty Series – No. 70
European Convention on the International Validity of Criminal Judgments
The Hague, 28th day of May 1970

Party Reservations / Declarations Objections
Albania Yes No
Austria Yes No
Belgium Yes No
Bulgaria Yes No
Cyprus Yes No
Denmark Yes No
Estonia Yes No
Georgia Yes No
Iceland Yes No
Latvia Yes No
Lithuania Yes No
Moldova Yes No
Montenegro Yes No
Netherlands, the Kingdom of the Yes No
Norway Yes No
Romania Yes No
San Marino Yes No
Serbia Yes No
Slovenia Yes No
Spain Yes No
Sweden Yes No
Turkey Yes No
Ukraine Yes No


The member States of the Council of Europe, signatory hereto, Considering that the fight against crime, which is becoming increasingly an international problem, calls for the use of modern and effective methods on an international scale; Convinced of the need to pursue a common criminal policy aimed at the protection of society; Conscious of the need to respect human dignity and to promote the rehabilitation of offenders; Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve greater unity between its Members,

Have agreed as follows:

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