Icelandic law on amateur boxing

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Act on amateur boxing

no. 9 

February 18,2002 

Entered into force on 20 February 2002.


The bill was presented to the 125th Legislative Assembly but was then rejected. It was resubmitted to the 126th Legislative Assembly but was not exhausted. Is it now resubmitted unchanged.

Boxing has been banned in Iceland since 1956, but until then it was widely practiced. With this bill, it is proposed that Olympic boxing be legalized and that the Icelandic Sports and Olympic Association set rules for the sport. It should be noted that Olympic boxing is a competitive sport at the Olympics and has been for a long time. It is an absolute rarity that an Olympic sport is banned by special legislation. Membership in the Olympic Games includes recognition of the disciplines competed in at the Games at any given time.

A clear distinction must be made between Olympic boxing, in other words amateur boxing, and professional boxing, which is practiced on all continents. The rules and security requirements of the industries are very different. Thus, it is mandatory to use headgear in Olympic boxing and each game lasts for three rounds instead of up to twelve rounds in professional boxing. Serious accidents are known in professional boxing, but such accidents have not occurred in amateur boxing due to the different rules that apply to them. According to a Swedish study from 1990, conducted by Dr. Yvonne Haglund on whether permanent brain damage can be caused by amateur boxing, strict amateur rules do not seem to be followed as in Sweden.

It is emphasized that it should be up to each individual to decide which sport to choose. In other respects, Act no. 92/1956 which prohibits boxing for commercial purposes.


Act on amateur boxing

Article 1

There is a competition and an exhibition of amateur boxing. Furthermore, amateur boxing may be taught.

Article 2

The sale and use of boxing gloves and other equipment intended for the training of amateur boxing is permitted.

Article 3

The Icelandic Sports and Olympic Association sets rules for amateur boxing. When drafting the rules, efforts shall be made to take into account the most extreme safety rules in neighboring countries.

Article 4

This Act shall enter into force immediately.

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