Govt of India Draft Health Data Management Policy April 2022, Version 02

This Health Data Management Policy (“Policy”) is the first step in realising the ABDM’s guiding principle of “Security and Privacy by Design” for the protection of individuals’/data principal’s personal digital health data privacy. It acts as a guidance document across the NDHE and sets out the minimum standard for data privacy protection that should be followed across the board in order to ensure compliance with relevant and applicable laws, rules and regulations. This Policy will be dynamic in nature and may be revised from time to time as may be required. Necessary guidelines may also be issued for the implementation of the ABDM.

Draft Health Data Management Policy
April 2022, Version 02

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

New Delhi, 23rd April 2022


Government of india

The National Health Authority (NHA) had finalized and published the Heath Data Management (HDM) Policy for the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) in December 2020. Since then, NHA has received feedback from various stakeholders and had learnings from pilot and national rollout of ABDM. Based on these, few revisions in the HDM Policy are contemplated. The draft with revisions has been released on 23rd April 2022 on the website [] under the heading “Consultation Papers”.

National Health Authority (NHA) is the apex body responsible for implementing India’s flagship public health insurance/assurance scheme called “Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana” & has been entrusted with the role of designing strategy, building technological infrastructure and implementation of “Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission” to create a National Digital Health Eco-system. National Health Authority is the successor of the National Health Agency, which was functioning as a registered society since 23rd May, 2018. Pursuant to Cabinet decision for full functional autonomy, National Health Agency was reconstituted as the National Health Authority on 2nd January 2019, under Gazette Notification Registered No. DL –(N) 04/0007/2003-18.

Chief Executive Officer,
National Health Authority,
9th Floor, Tower-1,
Jeevan Bharti Building,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi – 110001

Draft Health Data Management Policy April 2022, Version 02

Where any person to whom this Policy is applicable is found to be in violation of any of its provisions, such person may not be permitted to participate in the NDHE. Additionally, any Facility ID or Healthcare Professional ID issued to any person under Chapter IV of this Policy may be suspended or cancelled. The detailed procedures involved in relation to any suspension or cancellation as mentioned above shall be set out by the NHA. Explanation: For the purpose of this clause, “person” includes any data fiduciary, data processor, entity responsible for managing HIE-CM, Health Information Provider, Health Information User, health facility and healthcare professional.

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