Our national speech is Hindustani. I know that it will be a long time before it can be made into an international speech. For international commerce, undoubtedly, English occupies the first place. I used to hear that French was the language of diplomacy. I was told, when I was young, that if I wanted to go from one end of Europe to the other, I must try to pick up French.

There is also the fear that a new unit, which includes both the Hindi-speaking areas of the present Madhya Pradesh State and Madhya Bharat, will tend to concentrate on the development of the areas in •the east where potentialities for development are much greater. If this actually turns out to be the case, Madhya Bharat’s special needs and problems will, it is argued, be ignored or neglected.

Love your country. Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love; it is the house that God has given you, that, by striving to perfect yourselves therein, you may prepare to ascend to him. It is your name, your glory, your sign among the peoples. Give to it your thought, your counsel, your blood. Raise it up, great and beautiful, as foretold by our great men.

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