State Reorganisation Commission Report (India) -1955



On 22nd December, 1953, the Prime Minister made a statement. Parliament to the effect that a Commission would be appointed to – amine “objectively and dispassionately” the question of the organisation of the States of the Indian Union “so that the welfare , the people of each constituent unit as well as the nation as a .hole is promoted”. This was followed by the appointment of this ,commission under the Resolution of the Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs,  The task before the Commission has been set out  the following terms:

 “The Commission will investigate the conditions of the problem, the historical background, the existing situation and the bearing of all important and relevant factors thereon. They will be free to consider any proposal relating to such reorganization. The Government expect that the Commission would, in the first instance, not go into the details, but make recommendations in regard to the broad principles which should govern the solution of this problem and, if they, so choose, the broad lines on which particular States should be reorganized, and submit interim reports for the consideration of Government.”

Under this Resolution the Commission were required to make recommendations to the Government of India not later than 30th .June, 1955. This period was subsequently extended to 30th September, 1955.


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