Law of rent control and premises tenancy in India


Eviction matters of personal necessity

Eviction matters for re-building, and material alteration

Eviction matters of sub-letting

Eviction matters of disclaimer of title

Arrears of rent

Eviction on the ground of misuse

Enhancement of rent

Eviction on the ground of non-payment of rent




  1. Jurisdiction of civil courts barred in certain matters.
  2. Rent Tribunal
  3. Appeals
  4. Tenancy agreement
  5. Period of tenancy
  6. Eviction and recovery of possession of premises in case of death of landlord
  7. Rights and obligations of successor in case of death
  8. Restriction on subletting
  9. Revision of rent
  10. Rent Authority to determine the revised rent in case of dispute
  11. Deposit of rent with Rent Authority
  12. Security deposit
  13. Repair and maintenance of property
  14. Withholding essential supply or service
  15. Vacant possession to landlord



  1. West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, 1997
  2. The West Bengal Government Premises (Tenancy Regulation) Act, 1976
  3. Premises Tenancy Ordinance, 2021 (UP Ordinance no. 3 of 2021)
  4. Model Tenancy Act, 2020

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