Swami Maharaja has changed the world within ten years – Bhakti Vaibhava Puri (08/08/1998)

Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaj (1913-2009)


Today is the most auspicious day as it is the advent day of the Lord Balarama.

Lord Balarama has appeared in Mathura. First Devaki had six children, boys. Those were killed by Kamsa. Now, the 7th is Balarama. But by the order of the Lord, Yogamaya took away the Lord from the womb of Devaki and settled that body in the womb of Rohini. Rohini was in Gokula, Devaki was in Mathura with Vasudeva when this happened. So it is told: Sankarsana. Balarama has got one name Sankarsana. Since he is very powerful, very powerful, very strong, so his name is Baladeva. And Sankarsana – he was taken from Devaki’s womb to the womb of Rohini – Sankarsana. Baladeva. Balarama. And he is Devaki-nandana.

Now Balarama appeared in Gokula in the house of Nanda. Rohini was staying there. So to Rohini he was born and he was there with Krishna. He is the Lord. In his previous birth he was Laksmana. And with Krishnavatara he is called Balarama. As Laksmana he served Rama day and night. Without food he served Rama. He went to the forest. Rama was ordered to go to the forest but Laksmana never. Yet Laksmana as a servant, a devotee of Rama, he followed Rama to the forest and for 14 years he had no night sleep and no food. He was always serving Rama-Sita by bringing their food in the forest, and guarding them in the night he served them. That is why as a Laksmana he could kill Indrajit.

Ravana put Brahmastra. Brahmastra is formidable. It cannot be controlled by any other instrument or ornaments. Now Laksmana also accepted it and when Laksmana fell unconscious then Ramacandra wept for Laksmana saying that:

“Such a brother. I cannot have such a brother who has wholeheartedly given his life to my service. How can I get such a brother?”

To save Laksmana Hanuman went to Himalayas and brought Gandha-madana where is the Vishalya Karani, or that medicine. If it is touched or kept in the nose and through the smell of that tree or leave or root life can come. Mrtasan jivani. So he went and brought the mountain. And out of it, now took that Mrtasan jivani and put that at the nose of Laksmana.

So such is the influence and such is the devotion towards the elder brother Ramacandra.

Ramacandra, when he heard the boon. What is that boon? The father said. Father never talked. He went to receive the blessings of the father on the day of incarnation. That is on that day you must sit on the throne for the first time. So father must bless him. To receive the blessings of the father he went to the father. Father was lying unconscious. And it is the house of Kaikeyi.

Three queens. Kausalya is the first queen. Second is Kaikeyi. Third is Sumitra. And there were other queens also. About 700 queens Dasaratha Maharaja had. And out of them he liked very much Kaikeyi. So he was in Kaikeyi’s home and Rama went there but saw Dasaratha was unconscious. Then Rama asked:

“What is the cause of unconsciousness?”

Then Kaikeyi informed him:

“Previously I have done some service to your father, Dasaratha. Dasaratha wanted to give me two boons. Then I did not ask about the boons. Now I have asked him the boons.”

“What do you want?”

“One boon – Rama should go to the forest for 14 years, and those 14 years Bharata, my son Bharata, must rule Ayodhya as a king. When he heard this through he fell unconscious. Don’t try to disturb him. Don’t disturb him. You follow my advice as this is not my order but order of your father.”

Then Ramacandra, with a laughing face, he said:


With a laughing face he went and he did not enter into his room. Then outside he told Kausalya. Kausalya was weeping. And informed Sita:

“I am going to forest by father’s order. You be happy”

And told Laksmana. Laksmana said:

“No. You should not obey. He is old. Father is very old. And we should not hear. No. Did he speak to you?”


“Why should you give such importance to Kaikeyi’s words?”

Ramacandra, he told Laksmana:

“Because my father likes very much Kaikeyi, so in spite of so many queens he stays in Kaikeyi’s house. Now whatever Kaikeyi says it is the order of my father. We have to accept it. Whether my father spoke it or not, as a representative of my father Kaikeyi must tell.”

So he said:

“No. No. We should not follow this order.”

But father, he went to unconscious state and he never woke up. He died.

Now Ramacandra went away to the forest. At first they went to Citrakuta and stayed there. Bharata now came from his relations’ house. And he was returning, and he returned. He came to know that Kaikeyi has done great blunder.

“She sent my elder brother who is only the fittest person to sit on the throne of Ayodhya and she has asked me to sit on the throne. I won’t sit. I don’t want.”

Then he went to Citrakuta and requested Rama to come back. Then Ramacandra said:

“How can I come back? The order cannot be canceled by you or me. No one can cancel. Father must be there to cancel. Father has gone. So who will order me to return back? Father’s order can be canceled by father. But you cannot cancel his orders. I cannot cancel his orders. And whatever he said…”

(break in recording)

… and in such a way he went and fought the war between Ravana and Ramacandra. He(Ravana) was killed. And he(Rama) came to Ayodhya. In Ayodhya Bharata left his position and Rama became king and Laksmana was there.

Again that Laksmana was so obedient. One day Rama went out in the night. He heard some washerman. He was abusing his wife:

“I am not Rama whose wife was one year in foreigner’s house. He brought Sita. I am not Rama to allow you. Because you have gone out of my house, I don’t allow you to come.”

And Rama heard this. When he heard it, next morning Rama called Laksmana.

“Laksmana, take Sita and keep her in the asrama.”

And then Laksmana did it. Because he is the obedient servant of Rama, he cannot reject the order.

So that Laksmana in Dvapara-yuga became Balarama. He was born first. He was born in Sravana-purnima and Krishna was born in Bhadrapada-ashtami. 8 days and one year difference. So he is the elder.

And this Rama(Balarama) was always guarding Krishna. When they were in Gokula then every day Krishna goes out with calves and cows and with number of boys. He goes at 9 o’clock and returns at 5 o’clock evening. So Balarama had the responsibility to look after the welfare of the Lord Krishna. Then he is always there with Krishna.

Yashoda asked Krishna daily:

“You should not give up the company of your elder brother. You must be with your elder brother. And I give this food to you. Whenever you feel hungry open it and eat. You should not be alone. Don’t go to big cows. Look after young calves. With Balarama you must be there.”

So Balarama used to preserve the safety of Lord Krishna always.

And here Pralambasura was killed by Balarama. And Balarama, he used to give rest to Krishna and serve him. And always… Krishna asked Balarama:

“Brother, you see these trees. How the trees are…

aho esham varam janma
su-janasyeva yesham vai
vimukha yanti narthinah

“You see the trees. How they are helpful towards all. They are the life of all the life, all the creatures, men, the birds, the beasts, a fly, any small ant, anything, even those who eat away the trees, those insects, to all these insects, all this life, tree is only the life. They can all survive in this world with the help of the tree.”

And here Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu told us:

trinad api sunicena
taror api sahisnuna
amanina manadena
kirtaniya sada harih

He gave that instruction to Balarama, and now the same Krishna as Chaitanya gives that instruction to all the devotees.

“All of you should be humbler than a blade of grass. All of you should learn tolerance, forbearance from a tree.”

A tree if we take away its leaves or fruits, we cut its branches and we cut the whole tree, but the tree never rejects our proposal. Though we go there to cut the tree with an axe, the tree will be giving shelter. Under the shelter, without the effect of the Sun, we cut the tree, but the tree will never ask us to go away. No. At any time in the night, in the daytime, whenever you want, whatever you want from a tree, tree will give you. So, you are living only with the help of a tree. You would take leaves, you take grains, you take, purchase, everything. Fruits, all from the tree. Market fruits – all fruits you get

aho esham varam janma

It is the life of all creatures. Life of all creatures. Life can come only when we eat the fruits or the seed of the fruits. The tree. So many corns we see in the way. We see so many corn fields. And so many wheat fields. So many gardens of oranges. Big, big oranges. Apple, and apple-like fruits, so many fruits which are needed for the survival of all the life.

These instructions must be helpful because Krishna said so.

And Balarama in various ways serves the Lord. As a brother he serves the Lord. Whenever any calamity comes.

Laksmana (the daughter of Duryodhana). Some of the family members of Dvaraka, they went to quarrel with Kauravas. He was the first person.

“Balarama, go and ask them whether they have kept them under custody. Immediately you must ask to free them.”

“If you don’t free I will throw your Hastinapura into the ocean.”

He was very angry. When the anger they saw, they immediately brought bride and bridegroom (Samba and Laksmana) with so many horses and cows and chariots. They gave it.

And Balarama, he did not say to Krishna that

“You should come.”


“I will do it.”

In fighting with Maya, that Salva, Maya Salva, Maya, chariot who has constructed. While he was fighting, Krishna was fighting with that demon, he brought Vasudeva and Devaki and in front of Krishna he cut the throat of Vasudeva. And Devaki was weeping. When Krishna saw it he said:

“What is this? When my brother is there to protect the whole of Dvaraka who can come, who can harm him? Nothing. Nothing. It is all a Maya.”

Now he took out his arrow and destroyed that chariot and killed him.

Maya Danava. Maya Danava.(constructed the chariot)

And 2nd one is that in Dvaraka. Dvaraka. Balarama was there. Krishna was there. And now they want to give their sister Subhadra to Duryodhana. Balarama has proposed to give Subhadra to Duryodana. But Krishna does not like it. So Krishna said to Arjuna:

“You come as a sannyasi to our Dvaraka.”

Then he came as a sannyasi to Dvaraka. All these Dvarakavasi people were inviting him for food. And he stays one day, two days, three days in householder’s house and goes. Then Balarama heard:

“Yes. Sadhu has come. Saint. And all are inviting him for food. Why not we invite?”

So he ordered to invite Arjuna. They did not know that Arjuna was a sannyasi. Now a sannyasi came. And while giving food to Arjuna sannyasi, Subhadra was giving food, and they have understood each other.

And after some days Subhadra was following that sannyasi. And somebody told that:

“Subhadra is going away with that sannyasi.”


And he took up his musala and wanted to break his head, head of that sannyasi. Yes. With anger he was going. Then Krishna has never told anything. He touched the feet of Balarama, he bowed down and touched the feet of Balarama. Then the story was revealed.

“He is Arjuna as a sannyasi.”

Arjuna liked her, and she also wanted Arjuna.

Then he accepted that. Because he thought it is Krishna’s will.

“My brother went in guard.”

So though he is elder, (inaudible). When Krishna silently kept his, no, nothing, no argument, no ration, then he understood:

“O, Krishna’s desire is that Arjuna must merry Subhadra.”

And when the war broke out between Pandavas and Kauravas he consoled them. He asked them that they should not fight.

“If you want to fight you….”

Because he likes the Kauravas, not Pandavas. So he warned them:

“If you fight you will lose. You will suffer. Don’t fight.”

When they never heard he went away at Tirtha Prabhasa. He traveled to all the sacred places. And alone he went away. When he came to Naimisaranya, in Naimisaranya he saw Suta(Romaharsana) Goswami was dictating Purana to all. And 60000 risis were sitting and hearing, listening. All of them stood, but Suta Gosvami never.

“What is this? He is being a great orator, he is speaking about Vedas, Upanishads and all the Puranas, but he doesn’t know how to show respect to a great soul.”

Then he killed him. When he killed him, then all these risis, they said:

“Sir, you have committed offence. Because we want to hear from him for many more years about the glories of our Sastras and he was only the person who can able to explain. Now who will teach us, explain us?”

Then he asked:

“You bring Romaharsana Suta and place there.”

So they did it.

“Now, what prayascitta I have to do?”

Then they said:

“You go round the world. Go round the world once.”

He did it. So this is how we hear of Balarama.

And that Balarama, in Dvapara yuga – Balarama-Krishna. In Kali-yuga – Nityananda-Chaitanya.

Nityananda is elder and Chaitanya is younger, but they were not of one family. They were from different families. Mahaprabhu at Navadvip, but his place is about 400 km away, and there he was born. And he was elder that Mahaprabhu, about 12 to 15 years. Elder.

Now, this Nityananda prabhu, first he was at home. And at the age of 12 or 13, a sannyasi came to their house. His father was Hadai pandit. And he stayed in the night. Early in the morning he said:

“Panditji, I have one request to you.”

Then the Pandit said:

“Yes, you can expose it as you want.”

Then he said:

“I have no good assistant to help me in cooking and I am now in pilgrimage. I have to perform the pilgrimage of the whole of India. Now I want a boy and I think that your boy is suitable, your elder boy, you please allow him to go with me.”

Then he thought.

“It is very difficult now.”

Now he consulted his wife.

“What do you say? What is your opinion?”

“Sir, my opinion, whatever you do I will do.”

Same opinion.

Because you know Dasaratha Maharaja was asked by Viswamitra. He asked:

“You give your boys, Rama and Laksmana. They will protect our asrama.”

So Dasaratha Maharaja felt that life is …

“If I won’t give he will curse. What shall I do?”

At last he said:

“All right.”


Here also Hadai pandit was not happy to give. Anyhow the couple gave the boy. And Nityananda prabhu traveled to all the sacred places and at the last moment he reached Vrindavan. And in Vrindavan he has circumbulated all 84 krosas, it is 164 km and he traveled to all these sacred places. He was in Vrindavan.

Mahaprabhu returned from Gaya. He gave up teaching the grammar or any other philosophy. Now he wanted to preach the Divine Name. Then his desire could be understood by Nityananda at Vrindavan. So from Vrindavan Nityananda retured to Nadia, Navadvip. He was in a house of a great devotee. What is his name? It is some devotee and he was there. He came two days earlier and he was residing there.

Meanwhile Chaitanya Mahaprabhu last night got a dream that Balarama has come there. In the chariot Balarama is there with a long stick, iron rod and he has one ornament in the ear and he asked:

“Is this the house of Chaitanya?”

“He asked me 10 times. I said: “Yes. Can I understand wherefrom you have come?””

“Yes, tomorrow you will know all. Tomorrow you will know.”

“So saying he disappeared.”

Then Mahaprabhu asked all the devotees and among them two leaders, Srivas Pandit and Haridas.

“You both go and find out who that great personality is and where he is staying.”

They went house to house but they could not find out. So at last, to Mahaprabhu they returned and said:

“We could not see.”

Mahaprabhu asked them to follow. So they followed. Directly he went where Nityananda is staying. And there he entered the house. And the proprietor of the house when he saw Mahaprabhu he was also astonished. Nityanada prabhu was sitting on the throne where they keep all murties. He was sitting. And Haridas, Srivas Pandit and Mahaprabhu, they entered. Mahaprabhu went and offered prostrations. Mahaprabhu and the devotees offered prostrations. But Nityananda prabhu never comes down from this seat. Just they are not talking anything. Then Mahaprabhu said to Mukunda to read bhagavat, brahma-stava. Then he:

athapi te deva padambuja-dvaya-
prasada-lesanugrhita eva hi
janati tattvam bhagavan mahimno
na canya eko ‘pi ciram vicinvan

“O Lord, nobody can understand you without your mercy. If you are kind and merciful to anybody, atomic, your atomic mercy can make him realise the truth and then he will come and surrender.”

That is the addressing Brahma was addressing to Krishna. Now, the same sloka, when he has gone through, then Nityananda prabhu came down from the throne and he embraced Mahaprabhu, Mahaprabhu embraced him. Then he followed the brahma-stuti. Then Mahaprabhu and Nityananda, out of ecstasy, they begun to dance. After dancing all the bhaktas commended them. So after one hour of dancing they closed their sankirtan and Mahaprabhu said:

“Please come to my abode.”

Then Mahaprabhu took Nityananda to his abode and asked his mother Sacidevi to:

“Serve your boy, your boy. Serve your boy.”

Then there Nityananda remained. And that Nityananda he remained for some days and came to Srivasa’s house. There Srivasa’s wife is Malini. And though he was aged he never takes food with his hands. He was aged then maybe 34 or 35. He never takes food with his hands. Malini, wife of Srivasa, should do that. 

Not only that. Like a child. When Nityananda wants milk, then breast milk is flowing out from Malini, and Nityananda used to suckle that breast milk of Malini. In that way she was treating him as a mother. As innocent child and mother. All childish. Yes.

Then one day Malini was cleaning the utensils of the Lord. And one small cup with ghee, a crow has come and carried it away. And it has thrown that cup and came again. Malini said:

“Now the cup is not there. If Srivas pandit hears that, he will come and abuse me or beat me.”

So she was weeping. Then Nityananda prabhu came:

“Why are you weeping?”

“A crow has taken away that ghee cup. Now how can I get it?”

“No. No. Don’t cry.”

Then the crow was sitting there. Nityananda prabhu said:

“O crow, you go and bring that cup.”

Then it flew and after sometime with that cup, emptied cup, it came and threw it there.

Such is the capacity. As Nityananda is Balarama. He is Balarama. He is Balarama. So Nityananda was serving the Lord.

And Nityananda after Mahaprabhu took sannyasa and came to Puri. From Puri he went to Vrindavan. And south India tour. But he never returned home. Once he returned for 10 days. Every year all these people, Nityananda and Haridas Thakur, and our Advaita Acarya prabhu with 400 devotees, they come in caturmasya. 4 months they stay in Puri and return back.

After some years Mahaprabhu asked them not to come again. And he told Nityananda:

“You preach in Bengal. I am not going to Bengal. You preach in Bengal.”

So he was preaching.

Now the same Nityananda used to wear million rupees’ ornaments in his body. Fingers, 10 fingers, hand, necklace, all golden. Some robbers, they wanted to robe his property. They attempted. One day they, performing daily puja they came, but they saw at midnight, where Nityananda prabhu stays, all round they saw watchers with bows and arrows.

“About 20 people are watching. Oh, today we cannot take it.”

So they went away. Another day they came and while they have come rain has come with hailstorm, and with wind flowing at the rate of 80 kms and they could not able to perform their duty. They returned. Another day also hailstorm. They could not do.

So the leader of the fellows came to Nityananda and he said:

“Sir. We tried 3 times or 4 times to attack you and take your ornaments in the night. Whenever we came, some disturbance. We could not able to fulfill our desire. You are very great. Please excuse us. We will never do such restless activities any more. You bless us.”

So they requested and now he blessed them. And they became devotees.

Like that he has so many devotees.

Ragunatha das Gosvami also first went, when Nityananda prabhu went to his village Saptagram, and Ragunatha came and Nityananda prabhu put his leg on the head of Ragunatha. And next time when he went to another place there he asked Ragunatha to distribute all seeds and milk and curd. Thousands of people have come. To thousands of people Ragunatha distributed. And all the vaisnavas came. To all. And while returning he gave golden coins to them all. And like this.

He blesssed. Nityananda:

“Very soon you will become a great devotee.”

So that helped him to become a devotee.

nitaiyer koruna habe, braje radha-krishna pabe

It is only Nityananda’s. Nityananda is Guru. Guru. In one level Guru is Nityananda. If little elevated then Guru is manjari. And if elevated little more high then guru is Radhika.

So now Guru is our Nityananda prabhu. Nityananda prabhu is always:

baja gauranga kaha gauranga laha gauranga nama, ye gana gauranga baje sei haya mor prana

He says:

“All of you should repeat Namam. Gauranga namam. Name. And worship him. And speak about Gauranga. Remember Gauranga. Those who are the devotees of Gauranga they are my heart, they are my life, they are my masters.”

So, he is so, such a person, a devotee, totally, cent per cent devotion he has. So he is no other than Balarama. Balarama in Kali-yuga Nityananda. And Krishna Chaitanya is Yashoda-nandana Krishna. Yashoda-nandana Krishna has become a son of Sacidevi, Jaganntha Misra – Sri Chaitanya, and Balarama became Nityananda.

We always should be obedient.

sri guru karuna sindhu

kabe nityananda, more kori’doya,
charaibe mora visayera maya

Narottama Thakura says:

“When Nityananda will bless me, so that I will have no attachments to this world?”

And all the devotees. All the poets. They always sing the glories of Nityananda. His Nityananda is Hari. He is Lord.

Now in the western countries, like Nityananda, Swami maharaja has helped all. Today you are repeating namam. Today you are repeating namam.

A. C. Bhaktivedanta SwamiWho is he? He is abhina Nityananda. It is the mercy of Nityananda through Swami Maharaja. In only 10 years he has changed the world. Wherever he goes he says Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna comes. Who has done this? We should not forget him. If we forget him we are ungrateful and our devotion cannot survive. We must. We must. And those who never get the blessings of Prabhupada they cannot sit or they cannot stand in the line, devotional path. It is a fact. Because in western countries who has come? Who made the people who are 3000 feet above, 1000 meters above, there people are singing Hare Krishna? Who is that? Who is that? Throughout the world, every corner of the world.

sarvatra pracara hoibe mora nama

Mahaprabhu’s order that:

“Everywhere my name will be distributed. To every corner, to every corner.”

And Krishna only as Chaitanya told this.

“So my name is Krishna’s name. And Krishna’s name you find everywhere.”

Everywhere they are singing Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna. No other name you find. And there is no other name. The remedy of Kali-yuga is:

harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha

In Kali-yuga there is no other way, no other way.

Slovenia- 8.8.1998

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