Format of Doctoral Dissertation(Ph.D) in Humanities and Social Sciences – Hebrew University Jerusalem(HUJI)

In pursuance of the Zionist aspiration of the Jewish people, the Hebrew University was established in Jerusalem in 1925 for the encouragement and promotion of learning and research in all branches of knowledge; there was therefore formed in Palestine an association under Ottoman Law, known as the Hebrew University Association, for the purpose of maintaining and promoting the said University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) and enlisting the support of the Jewish people for its maintenance and development; by virtue of the Council for Higher Education Law 5718-1958, the University is a recognized institution of higher education, and has, by virtue thereof, been recognized as a corporation with all the rights and obligations thereof


A doctoral dissertation can be written in one of the two following formats:

a.  A monographic dissertation which is a continuous coherent composition, written by the student with the guidance of the supervisor/s, which presents the research in its entirety.

b.  A chapters dissertation, hence ASSUPA (set or collection of chapters), which is composed of independent chapters that are the results of the same research project and that evidence a clear connection among them. The ASSUPA must indicate that the student is the primary or major researcher and writer of the work, under the guidance of the supervisor/s (also in cases involving more than one researcher). 

Example of a doctoral dissertation

A Ph.D. dissertation will be evaluated by two referees except for the supervisor/s.


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