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  1. KAUTILYA ARTHA SASTRA [Book -3- Chapter-3]

    (Maintenance of a Woman)

    A woman who has a. right to claim maintenance for an unlimited period of time shall be given as much food and clothing (grāsacchādana) as is necessary for her, or more than is necessary in proportion to the income of the maintainer (yathā-puruṣaparivāpam vā). If the period (for which such things are to be given to her with one-tenth of the amount in addition) is limited, then a certain amount of money, fixed in proportion to the income of the maintainer, shall be given to her: so also if she has not been given her śulka, property, and compensation (due to her for allowing her husband to re-marry). If she places herself under the protection of any one belonging to her father-in-law’s family (śvaśurakula), or if she begins to live independently, then her husband shall not be sued (for her maintenance). Thus the determination of maintenance is dealt with.

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