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      The great advocate is like the great actor: he fills the stage for his span of life, succeeds, gains our applause, makes his last bow, and the curtain falls. Nothing is so elusive as the art of acting, unless indeed it be the sister art of advocacy. You cannot say that the methods of Garrick, Kean or Irving, Erskine, Hawkins or Russell, were the right methods or the only methods, or even that they were the best methods of practising their several arts; you can only say that they succeeded in their day, and that their contemporaries acclaimed them as masters.

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      1- Organizing for Power and Empowerment – by Jacqueline B. Mondros and Scott M. Wilson

      2- We Are Called to Be a Movement – By: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

      3- Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future -By: President Mary Robinson

      4- What’s Love Got To Do With It? – By: Senator Raymond J. Lesniak

      5- Just Mercy – By: Bryan Stevenson

      6- Lead From the Outside – By: Representative Stacey Abrams


      The Australian Advocacy Institute (AAI) Advocacy Manual
      Advocacy, Anthony Willy, James Rapley
      Advocacy in Court, Preparation and Performance, Hugh Selby
      Advocacy Plus: A Guide For Young Advocates, Nigel Pascoe QC
      Analysing Witness Testimony: A Guide for Legal Practitioners and other Professionals, Anthony Heaton-Armstrong, Eric Shepherd, and David Wolchover
      The Art of Cross Examination: With the Cross-Examinations of Important Witnesses in Some Celebrated Cases, Francis L Wellman
      The Art of the Advocate, Richard Du Cann
      Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers: A Practical Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Be a Better Advocate, Keith Evans
      Cross-Examination for Depositions, Matthew A. Dodd and Roger J. Dodd
      Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques (3rd edition), Larry Posner and Roger Dodd
      Cross-Examination Handbook: Persuasion, Strategies, and Techniques, Ronald H. Clark, George R. Dekle Sr, William S. Bailey
      Defending the Guilty: Truth and Lies in the Criminal Courtroom, Alex McBride
      The Devil’s Advocate (3rd edition), Iain Morley QC
      Effective Written Advocacy: A Guide for Practitioners (2nd edition), Andrew Goodman
      Excellence in Cross-Examination, F. Lee Bailey and Kenneth J. Fishman
      Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy (6th edition), Dr Ian Freckelton QC
      Faultless Grammar: The Busy Lawyer’s Reminder Guide, Ben Staveley
      Finding the Truth in the Courtroom: Dealing with Deception, Lies, and Memories, edited by Henry Otgaar and Mark L. Howe
      How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments (2nd edition), Andrew Goodman
      Injury Illustrated: How Medical Images Win Cases, R. Annie Gough
      Kick-Ass Closings: A Guide to Giving the Best Closing Argument of Your Life, Michael Waddington
      Making your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges, Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner
      Point Made: How to Write the Nation;s Top Advocates (2nd edition), Ross Guberman
      Point Taken: How to Write Like the World’s Best Judges, Ross Guberman
      Proof: How to Analyse Evidence in Preparation for Trial (3rd Edition), Andrew Palmer
      Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments (2nd Edition), Andrew Goodman
      Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination, Kevin J. Mahoney
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      Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
      The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue and Win, Joel P. Trachtma
      Trial Advocacy for the Child Welfare Lawyer: Telling the Story of the Family, Marvin Ventrell & Patrick Furman
      Turning Points at Trial: Great Lawyers Share Secrets, Strategies and Skills, Shane Read
      Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished and Persuasive Documents (2nd Edition), Matthew Butterick
      Winning at Cross Examination: A Modern Approach for Depositions and Trials, Shane Read
      The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts (3rd edition), Bryan A. Garner
      Winning at Trial, D. Shane Read
      Witness Testimony in Sexual Cases, Pamela Radcliffe

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