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    Object and Reason-In present conditions documents are required to be placed in the custody of Government officers under a large number of enactments. In many of these Acts no provision exists for the destruction of documents lodged with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860, the Provident Insurance Societies Act, 1912, the Indian Life Assurance Companies Act, 1912, and the Indian Companies Act, 1913; nor could such papers be dealt with under the Destruction of Records Act, 1879, as it stands. It is accordingly proposed to repeal and re-enact the Act of 1879 so as to make it conform to modern requirements. The principal feature of the draft Bill is that it empowers certain authorities to frame rules for the disposal by destruction or otherwise of documents which they may consider not of sufficient public value to justify preservation, and provides for the delegation to subordinate officers of the rule-making power already vested in the High Court and the Chief Controlling Revenue authorities by Act III of 1879 will not be affected by this Bill. To avoid overlapping, it is proposed to repeal the provisions of the enactments mentioned in the Schedule.

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