I have undertaken the present work, as thinking it will appear to all the Greeks worthy of their study: for it will contain all our antiquities, and the constitution of our government; as interpreted out of the Hebrew scriptures.  And indeed, I did formerly intend when I wrote of the war, to explain who the Jews originally were; what fortunes they had been subject to; and by what legislator they had been instructed in piety and the exercise of other virtues; what wars also they had made in remote ages, till they were unwillingly engaged in this last with the Romans. But because this work would take up a great compass, I separated it into a set treatise by it self, with a beginning of its own, and its own conclusion.

01 May 2023 The Coronation Service of Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort at Westminster Abbey will be attended by a congregation of more than 2,200 people. Guests attending will include Members of the Royal Family, as well as international representatives from 203 countries, including approximately 100 Heads of State, alongside community and charity champions. The congregation will […]

This Code establishes rules whose aim is to prevent the conviction of any innocent person, and
enabling a perpetrator of a criminal offence to be sanctioned in accordance with conditions
envisaged by the Criminal Code, based on lawfully and fairly conducted proceedings.
This Code also establishes rules on conditional release, rehabilitation, termination of security
measures and legal consequences of conviction, exercise of the rights of persons wrongly
deprived of liberty and wrongly convicted, confiscation of proceeds from crime, resolution of
restitution claims and issuance of wanted circulars and notices

The object of Criminal Code is to protect the individual rights and freedom , public order and security, state of justice, public health and environment, and communal peace, as well as to discourage commitment of offences. This Law defines the basic principles for criminal responsibility and types of crimes, punishments and security precautions to be taken in this respect.

CONSOLIDATED TEXT Law on Courts (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” nos.
58/2006, 62/2006, 35/2008, 150/2010, 83/2018 and 198/2018). Decisions of the
Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia: U. no. 256/2007 dated 16 April 2008,
published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 61/2008; U. no. 74/2008
dated 10 September 2008, published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no.
118/2008; U. no. 124/2008 dated 14 January 2009, published in the “Official Gazette of the
Republic of Macedonia” no. 16/2009 and U. no. 12/2011 of 29 February 2012, published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 39/2012. Law on Use of Language Spoken
by at least 20% of the Citizens in the Republic of Macedonia and in the Local Self-government Units (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 01/2008).

The publication Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia provides a thorough insight into the provisions of the national Constitution which was first adopted on 17 November 1991 and into Amendments I and II to the Constitution adopted in January 1992, Amendment III adopted in July 1998, Amendments IV to XVIII adopted in November 2001, Amendment XIX adopted in December 2003, Amendments XX to XXX adopted in December 2005, Amendment XXXI adopted in January 2009, Amendment XXXII adopted in April 2011 and Amendments XXXIII to XXXVI adopted in January 2019, all forming an integral part of the Constitution. Furthermore, the publication lists all Constitutional Laws for the Implementation of the Constitution.

Criminal proceedings aim at protecting rights and legal interests of physical and legal persons who take part therein as well as at a speedy and full resolution of crimes, identification of those guilty and ensuring correct application of law so that everyone who has committed a crime is prosecuted while everyone innocent is not punished. 

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