Day: June 27, 2023

The Wagner Group and Beyond Proxy Private Military Companies (Oral Evidence- House of Commons-06/02/2023)

If we attacked Wagner operatives, we were attacking the Russians? In theory, private military companies are not allowed under the Russian constitution, yet this is an organisation that appears to be recruiting convicts from Russian prisons, apparently with the promise of being able to give them pardons at the end of a period of service. It is clearly associated.


Russian private military company Wagner Group led by Yevgeniy Prigozhin and the target of multiple U.S. sanctions (26/01/2023)

Wagner Group has been involved in Kremlin-backed combat operations around the world in support of Putin’s war on Ukraine. As Russia’s military has struggled on the battlefield, Putin has resorted to relying on the Wagner Group to continue his war of choice. The Wagner Group has also meddled and destabilized countries in Africa, committing widespread human rights abuses and extorting natural resources from their people.

Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra and Advocate K V Viswanathan were appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court (16/05/2023)

The Collegium is conscious of the fact that the present Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court who was appointed as a judge on 31 March 2009 is drawn from the parent High Court of Chhattisgarh and ranks senior to Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra. However, having considered all relevant factors, the Collegium is of the view that Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra is worthy of appointment as a judge of the Supreme Court.

Bar Council of India Vs. Rabi Sahu & Anr (09/06/2023)

Section 49 read with Section 24(3)(d) of the Act of 1961 vested BCI with the power to prescribe the norms for entitlement to be enrolled as an Advocate and in consequence, the interdict placed by the decision in V. Sudeer (supra) on the power of BCI could not be sustained. The Constitution Bench, accordingly, held that V. Sudeer (supra) did not lay down the correct position of law.

When Court directs for reinvestigation/de novo investigation or further investigation by CBI (SC-24/02/2023)

Relief of transfer of the investigation to CBI and refusing to order further investigation / re-investigation / de novo investigation even after the chargesheet is filed and charges are framed – It is further observed and held that the power to order fresh, de novo or reinvestigation being vested with the constitutional courts, the commencement of a trial and examination of some witnesses cannot be an absolute impediment for exercising the said constitutional power which is meant to ensure a fair and just investigation. It is the bounden duty of a court of law to uphold the truth and truth means absence of deceit, absence of fraud and in a criminal investigation a real and fair investigation, not an investigation that reveals itself as a sham one.