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      The public officers are repository of public trust. They are creation of the statute and vested powers to discharge public functions. The entrusted power must be exercised for giving effect to the objective of law. Public officers must not wield powers to victimise or implicate any person. They should not exercise power to fuel their ego or arrogance. Such abuse of power deplete the scarce finances of the common citizens and waste the energy, resources and infrastructure of the police and the Courts. The proceedings under Section 107/150 of the Cr.P.C were initiated against the petitioner as PS Burari was irritated, annoyed or irked with tweets made by the petitioner to senior officers of police. This is gross misuse and abuse of public powers entrusted to the police. The manner of exercise of preventive power in this case has troubled the Court. It is further a matter of concern that SEM, North District, Delhi instead of correcting such gross abuse of power by PS Burari, he proceeded to summon the petitioner under Section 107/111 of the Cr.PC.

      [See the full post at: Security for keeping the peace in other cases-Sec 107 of CrPC 1973]

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