Open and Accountable Government sets out core principles regarding the roles and responsibilities of Ministers in Canada’s system of responsible parliamentary government. This includes the central tenet of ministerial responsibility, both individual and collective, as well as Ministers’ relations with the Prime Minister and Cabinet, their portfolios and Parliament. It outlines standards of conduct expected of Ministers as well as addressing a range of administrative, procedural and institutional matters. It also provides guidance to ministerial exempt staff and useful information for public servants and Canadians on Canada’s system of government. Finally, on the critical issue of ethical conduct, Ministers are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the Conflict of Interest Act.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, you will advance Canada’s interests and values in a world facing increasingly complex threats and issues. You will lead Canada’s contribution to addressing global challenges, including by deepening our partnerships in regions of strategic importance, such as the Indo-Pacific and Arctic regions, and strengthening Canada’s diplomatic capacity.

As Deputy Prime Minister, you will work in close collaboration with me in setting and implementing our Government’s agenda. At the core of our work is continuing to have Canadians’ backs. In your capacity as Minister of Finance, your immediate priority is to ensure targeted supports remain available, as needed, for Canadians and businesses that continue to struggle as we finish the fight against COVID-19.

15 September 2023 Your Excellency, Honourable Doto Mashaka Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of the United Republic of Tanzania;Excellencies and Honourable Ministers;Heads and Representatives of the African Union Development Agency, African Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, AfreExim Bank and the Regional Economic Communities;Distinguished Delegates;Ladies and Gentlemen:All protocol observed.Habari ya Asubuhi (Good morning) 1-On behalf […]

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