The law requires special reasons to be recorded for grant of time but the same is not taken note of. As has been noticed earlier, in the instant case the cross-examination has taken place after a year and 8 months allowing ample time to pressurize the witness and to gain over him by adopting all kinds of tactics. There is no cavil over the proposition that there has to be a fair and proper trial but the duty of the court while conducting the trial to be guided by the mandate of the law, the conceptual fairness and above all bearing in mind its sacrosanct duty to arrive at the truth on the basis of the material brought on record.


Irving Younger’s ‘Ten Commandment’s of Cross-Examination’. Irving Younger’s ‘Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination’ are:

1. Be brief 2. Use plain words 3. Ask only leading questions 4. Be prepared 5. Listen 6. Don’t get into a quarrel 7. Avoid repetition 8. Disallow witness explanations
9. Limit questioning 10. Save the main point for the summation

কোন্ রাজনন্দিনীর ঠোঁটে আমি এঁকেছিনু বর্বর চুম্বন! অন্দরে পশিয়াছিনু অবেলার ঝড়ের মতন!…..চুপে চুপে মুখে কার পড়েছিনু ঝুঁকে….ব্যাধের মতন আমি টেনেছিনু বুকে…..

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