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  • Smt. Roopa Soni Vs. Kamalnarayan Soni (06/09/2023) - That the marriage has irretrievably broken down is to be factually determined and firmly established. For this, several factors are to be considered such as the period of time the parties had cohabited after marriage; when the parties had last cohabited; the nature of allegations made by the parties against each other and their family members; the orders passed in the legal proceedings from time to time, cumulative impact on the personal relationship; whether, and how many attempts were made to settle the disputes by intervention of the court or through mediation, and when the last attempt was made, etc.
  • Riya Bawri Etc. Vs. Mark Alexander Davidson & Ors (23/08/2023) - It is well settled that the final judgment of the trial Court will depend on the evidence adduced before it. As there are specific allegations against the respondent no.1 in the complaint and he was admittedly a partner in the partnership firm when the rent deed was executed, he is liable to face prosecution.
  • Sirajudheen Vs. Zeenath & Ors (27/02/2023) - Rule 23 of Order XLI CPC-In regard to the want of any particular evidence, we may observe in the passing that if the Court finds any particular evidence directly within the control and possession of a party having not been produced, the necessary consequences like those specified in illustration (g) to Section 114 of the Evidence Act (3) may follow but, merely because a particular evidence which ought to have been adduced but had not been adduced, the Appellate Court cannot adopt the soft course of remanding the matter.
  • Shelly Oberoi & Anr. Vs Office of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi & Ors (17/02/23) - Article 243R of the Constitution itself. Part IXA of the Constitution - Regulation 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Procedure and Conduct of Business) Regulations 1958 stipulates that as soon as the Mayor is elected, "he shall preside over the meeting for the transaction of the rest of the business thereof". Regulation 8 provides for the election of the Deputy Mayor and stipulates that the provisions of Regulation 6 shall apply, as far as may be, to the election of the Deputy Mayor, subject to the modification that any reference to the presiding authority shall be construed as a reference to the Mayor.
  • Ajay Dabra Vs. Pyare Ram & Ors (31/01/2023) - Ajay Dabra Vs. Pyare Ram & Ors.-The impugned order dismisses the delay condonation applications filed under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, 1963, declining to condone a delay of 254 days, because the reasons assigned for the condonation were not sufficient reasons for condonation of the delay.

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  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia-1993 - The King shall be guarantor of the national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the protector of rights and freedom for all citizens and the guarantor of international treaties...
  • Law on Making Legislation (2012)-Lao People’s Democratic Republic - This Law defines principles, regulations and procedures for making legislation to ensure that the development and amendment of legislation is effective, transparent and uniform throughout the country and ensuring that the content of legislation has quality, completeness, is easy to understand, implementable and reflects the realities of the country, [that legislation] enables regional and international integration, and [that legislation] contributes to the development of the rule of law state of the people, by the people and for the people.
  • Text of PM’s interaction with Indian community in Japan-23 May 2022 - Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed and interacted with over 700 members of Indian diaspora in Japan on 23 May 2022.
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Instructions At The Conference Reviewing Mass Education – 1956 - In social life there are many professions, a division of work is therefore inevitable. I do one work, you take up another. Mass education work is an important one, having a great bearing on the nation and society, and also on the building of our Fatherland.
  • Inventory of Business Formalities (IBF) in Lao DRP - The formalities needed for certain activities and needed as a pre-requisite conditions before the application of the operating licenses (i.e. Construction Permit, Environmental Compliance Certificate, Capital Importation Certificate)

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