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Extensive Materials to Assist in Foreign, Comparative, International Law and Policy Research


  • Union of India and Ors Vs Subrata Nath(23/11/2022) - being fact finding authorities, both the Disciplinary Authority and the Appellate Authority are vested with the exclusive power to examine the evidence forming part of the inquiry report. On finding the evidence to be adequate and reliable during the departmental inquiry, the Disciplinary Authority has the discretion to impose appropriate punishment on the delinquent employee keeping in mind the gravity of the misconduct.
  • Pawan Kumar Goel Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh & Anr.(17/11/2022) - IMPORTANCE OF PLEADING IN NI ACT-It is necessary to specifically aver in a complaint under Section 141 that at the time the offence was committed, the person accused was in charge of, and responsible for the conduct of business of the company. This averment is an essential requirement of Section 141 and has to be made in a complaint. Without this averment being made in a complaint, the requirements of Section 141 cannot be said to be satisfied.
  • Varimadugu Obi Reddy Vs. B. Sreenivasulu & Ors (16/11/2022) - SARFAESI Act, 2002-Although the respondent borrowers initially approached the Debts Recovery Tribunal by filing an application under Section 17 of the SARFAESI Act, 2002, but the order of the Tribunal indeed was appealable under Section 18 of the Act subject to the compliance of condition of predeposit and without exhausting the statutory remedy of appeal, the respondent borrowers approached the High Court by filing the writ application under Article 226 of the Constitution. We deprecate such practice of entertaining the writ application by the High Court in exercise of jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Constitution without exhausting the alternative statutory remedy available under the law
  • Naveen Vs. State of Haryana & Ors-(01/11/2022) - SECTION 319 Cr.P.C-Power under Section 319 CrPC is a discretionary and extraordinary power which should be exercised sparingly and only in those cases where the circumstances of the case so warrant and the crucial test as noticed above has to be applied is one which is more than prima facie case as exercised at the time of framing of charge, but short of satisfaction to an extent that the evidence, if goes unrebutted, would lead to conviction.
  • Aroon Purie Vs. State of NCT of Delhi & Ors (31/10/2022) - DEFAMATION-There is no statutory immunity for the Managing Editor, Resident Editor or Chief Editor against any prosecution for the alleged publication of any matter in the newspaper over which these persons exercise control. In all these cases, the complainants have specifically alleged that these appellants had knowledge of the publication of the alleged defamatory matter and they were responsible for such publication; and the Magistrates who had taken cognizance of the offence held that there was prima facie case against these appellants. It was under such circumstances that the summonses were issued against these appellants.

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  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia-1993 - The King shall be guarantor of the national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the protector of rights and freedom for all citizens and the guarantor of international treaties...
  • Law on Making Legislation (2012)-Lao People’s Democratic Republic - This Law defines principles, regulations and procedures for making legislation to ensure that the development and amendment of legislation is effective, transparent and uniform throughout the country and ensuring that the content of legislation has quality, completeness, is easy to understand, implementable and reflects the realities of the country, [that legislation] enables regional and international integration, and [that legislation] contributes to the development of the rule of law state of the people, by the people and for the people.
  • Text of PM’s interaction with Indian community in Japan-23 May 2022 - Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed and interacted with over 700 members of Indian diaspora in Japan on 23 May 2022.
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Instructions At The Conference Reviewing Mass Education – 1956 - In social life there are many professions, a division of work is therefore inevitable. I do one work, you take up another. Mass education work is an important one, having a great bearing on the nation and society, and also on the building of our Fatherland.
  • Inventory of Business Formalities (IBF) in Lao DRP - The formalities needed for certain activities and needed as a pre-requisite conditions before the application of the operating licenses (i.e. Construction Permit, Environmental Compliance Certificate, Capital Importation Certificate)

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