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Judiciary Watch

As chairman of National Legal Services Authority, he displayed concern for poor prisoners by introducing several measures to provide them with free legal aid.

  • Advocate Ram Jetha Malani retires from the profession.
  • Justice Dipak Misra: First top judge with Z-category cover
  • Dipak Misra, the Man behind Nation Anthem ruling to be next CJI
  • Netas invoke privacy Right  in attempt to stop disclosure of spouse’s information


Statute, Rule, Ordinance & Notification Watch

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  • 6th September Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-private Partnership) Act, 2017 was enforced
  • Code on Wages Bill 2017 has been introduced reform Labour law in India
  • Employees Compensation (Amendment) Act, 2017 Receives President’s Assent
  • Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 has been Passed
  • Adoption Regulations, 2017 became effective from 16 January 2017


Politics Watch

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  • No relief for Sharif as Pak SC dismisses review plea against disqualification
  • Jharkhand Religious Freedom Act, 2017 put severe restriction on religious conversion.


GST Watch

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  • GST rates changed for 40 items[SEP 10, 2017]


Market Watch

At the close, the index was down 116 points, or 1.18 per cent, at 9,796.

  • Sebi is likely to discuss a proposal for extending stock market trading hours. The stock market in India currently opens at 9 am and closes at 3.30 pm.


Diplomacy Watch

This is a welcome sign of maturity.


Economy Watch

What can make a currency note invalid? Find out

  • The government is moving ahead with linking Aadhaar with mobile SIM cards and all unlinked phones will be deactivated after February 2018.


Infrastructure Watch

At the same time, the operating environment of India's construction industry remains immensely challenging, with major infrastructure projects commonly incurring delays and cost overruns.


India Watch

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  • Ryan murder: State okays CBI probe; takes over school management Ryan murder: State okays CBI probe; takes over school management[16.09.2017]
  • The Centre has allocated funds for the purchase of bullet-proof vehicles for Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel.
  •  One in 87 persons in Punjab dependent on drugs: survey


Industry Watch

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  • Tata Trusts to invest Rs 500 crore over 5 years to uplift tribals


Religion Watch

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  • Babri Masjid case’s chief litigant Mahant Bhaskar Das is dead[Sep 16, 2017 ]
  • Apex body of sadhus ,Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad  puts out list of ‘fake’ babas[10.09.2017]


Science and Tech Watch

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