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Civil and Criminal Procedure Code of Bhutan-2001

We, the People, the Dratsang, and the Royal Government of Bhutan, in Order to ‘maintain the quality of an unimpaired flowing of heavenly stream of Justice’ and ensure domestic Tranquility to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Civil and Criminal Procedure Code for the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan in 1982

Following Britain’s victory in the 1865 Duar War, Britain and Bhutan signed the Treaty of Sinchulu, under which Bhutan would receive an annual subsidy in exchange for ceding land to British India. […]

Rules and Regulations of the Ramkrishna Mission(1909)-Nothing Hindu about it!

All moneys and deposit accounts, Government Promissory Notes and other securities shall stand in the name of the Ramkrishna Mission with the name of the local centres attached to it. The local Treasurer shall have power to withdraw money and to draw interest at the requisition of the local Secretary or the local Assistant Secretary who shall quote the necessary authority in drawing the same.

UNO List of Least Developed Countries-11/02/2021

General Assembly resolution A/RES/70/253 adopted on 12 February 2016, decided that Angola will graduate five years after the adoption of the resolution, and General Assembly resolution A/RES/75/259 adopted on 11 February 2021, decided that Angola will be granted a three year extension to the preparatory period and will graduate on 12 February 2024.

Review of West Bengal’s Annual 2004-05

The review meeting was held under the co-chairmanship of Shri Chandra Pal, Adviser (SP-East), Planning Commission and Shri P. Bhattacharya, Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal. The list of officers both from the Planning Commission and the Government of West Bengal who attended the meeting is at Annexure III and Annexure IV respectively.

Joint Statement issued on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister of India to Bangladesh-27/03/2021

At the invitation of Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, H.E. Shri Narendra Modi, paid a State Visit to Bangladesh from 26 to 27 March 2021 to join the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the Independence of Bangladesh, the Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and 50 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Bangladesh.

Sri Chhatradhar Mahato & Others vs The State Of West Bengal-14/08/2019

It is true that a flea-bite sentence should not be awarded for a serious offence. At the same time, one has to take into consideration diverse factors in awarding a sentence. Not only is the gravity of the crime to be considered, the other factors like the range of sentence imposable and the minimum sentence fixed, if any, are also to be taken into account. The aggravating as well as the mitigating circumstances are to be carefully weighed. For instance, in the present case, the aggravating factors are the seriousness of the crimes and the recovery of relatively sophisticated items like gelatin sticks and detonators. On the other hand, the mitigating factors are the acquittal of the accused under Section 307 of the Penal Code and the non-seizure of any huge cache’ of arms or more sophisticated and lethal weapons like rocket launchers or RDX. Keeping all these factors in mind, an adequate sentence is to be imposed in this case.



Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora-Appendices

wild life

When a species is included in one of the Appendices, the whole, live or dead, animal or plant is included. In addition, for animal species listed in Appendix III and plant species listed in Appendix II or III, all parts and derivatives of the species are also included in the same Appendix unless the species is annotated to indicate that only specific parts and derivatives are included. The symbol # followed by a number placed against the name of a species or higher taxon included in Appendix II or III refers to a footnote that indicates the parts or derivatives of animals or plants that are designated as ‘specimens’ subject to the provisions of the Convention in accordance with Article I, paragraph (b), subparagraph (ii) or (iii).