नेपालको संविधान-Constitution of Nepal

नेपालको संविधान भाग–१ प्रारम्भिक भाग–२ नागरिकता भाग–३ मौलिक हक र कर्तव्य भाग–४ राज्यका निर्देशक सिद्धान्त, नीति तथा दायित्व भाग–५ राज्यको संरचना र राज्यशक्तिको बाँडफाँड भाग–६Continue Reading

Nationalisation of Royal Assets: Nepal

On May 18, 2006, the parliament passed a sweeping resolution to strip the palace of its powers, wrest control of the Army and declare Nepal a secular nation. The resolution stripped the King of all his authorities; disbanded the royal Privy Council; snatched the post of Supreme Commander in Chief of the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA); brought about 2500 strong palace personnel under the Public Service Commission Act and brought all royal properties under tax-net of the government.

The Decline and Fall of Buddhism-B. R. Ambedkar-1954

There can be no doubt that the fall of Buddhism in India was due to the invasions of the Musalmans. Islam came out as the enemy of the ‘But’. The word ‘But’ as everybody knows is an Arabic word and means an idol. Not many people however know what the derivation of the word ‘But’ is ‘But’ is the Arabic corruption of Buddha. Thus the origin of the word indicates that in the Moslem mind idol worship had come to be identified with the Religion of the Buddha.