The place of Purans in Sanatan Dharma

Purans[Old Memories] are not authoritative texts to understand or to interpret the Sanatan Dharma. Purans are not also in the category of Kavya( Ramayan) or Itihas(Mahabharat). Though the Puranas are collection of several memories of the ages connected therewith. The…

Sanatana Dharma Versus Prophetic Creeds-Sita Ram Goel

Hindu society will acquire self-confidence vis-a-vis the only true creeds when it recognizes that Sanãtana Dharma stands for self-exploration, self-purification, and self-transcendence, while these creeds stand for self-stupefaction, self-righteousness, and self-aggrandizement.

The sources of Sanatan Hindu Dharma

According to Yajnavalkya, the sources of Hindu Dharma are those enumerated in the following text: The sources of Dharma are described to be (1) the Vedas, (2) the Smritis, (3) the practices of good men, (4) what is acceptable to…

Position of Dharma in Kali Yuga [Sanskrit]

अथ कलियुगधर्माः । महाभारते– यस्त्वोंनमः शिवायेति मन्त्रेणानेन शङ्करम् । सकृत्कालं समभ्यर्चेत्सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते ॥ सर्वावस्थां गतो वापि युक्तो वा सर्वपातकैः । यस्त्वोंनमः शिवायेति मुच्यते तु कलौ नरः ॥ शाठ्येनापि नमस्कारः प्रयुक्तः शूलपाणये । संसारदोषसङ्घानामुच्छेदनकरः कलौ ॥ तथा– सदा तं यजते यस्तु…

The meaning of Dharma

Mahabharata describes the definition of dharma in the following words:- धारणाद्धर्ममित्याहु: धर्मो धारयते प्रजा: | यस्याद्धारणसंयुक्तं स धर्म इति निश्चय: || Mahabharata, 69.58(Karna Parva) Dharanad Dharma -That which binds the society together is dharma. Dharma Sastra means Law Book –…

Religion and Doctrines

Apostolic charity–Body of Christ–Buddha–Christian doctrines–Christian religion–Church–Core Hinduttva–Dasam Granth–Hindu Religion–Sanatan Dharma–Gita–God–Hebrew–Human Nature–Islam–Jews–Mahabharat–New Testament– Orthodox Church–Puranas(पुराण)–Quran– Rig Veda(ऋग्वेद)-Summa Theologica–Tantra–Theology –Vaishnavism–Vedanta

Vedic Studies 

Vedic Studies- Original Vedic Text- Translation- Commentary- Samhitas Brahmans, Upanishads, Pratisakhyas.

Essentials of Hindutva – by V.D. Savarkar-1922

Essentials of Hindutva – by V.D. Savarkar Date: 1922 Veer Savarkar completed his historic book “Essentials of Hindutva” while still in Andamans. This was later published under the pseudo name ‘A Mahratta’ What is in a name? We hope that…

Shyamal Ranjan Mukerjee vs Nirmal Ranjan Mukerjee and Others-30/08/2007

Hinduism is combination of all faiths, beliefs, thoughts and way of worship (Religions) born in India and represnts Karmayog, Gyanyog and Bhaktiyog Dharma propounded by Bhagvad Geeta which is common to all faiths, beliefs and thoughts of all sections of Hindu Socleity (Hinduism) and is Dharshastra and represents all the sections of Hinduism. It has given us universal and eternal truth to maintain a social order and moral obligation for all times to come and for all the societies and as such ‘Bhagvad Geeta’ may be recognised as National (Rashtriya) Dharma Shashtra.

What is God

The term God is capitalized in the English language as a proper noun when used to refer to a specific monotheistic concept of a supernatural Supreme Being in accordance with Christian, Jewish (sometimes as “G-d” – cf. Names of God in Judaism), and more recently (in the U.S.A) Muslim and some Hindu traditions.   Definition Common traits attributed to…

Brahmins of Bengal

King Adi Sura of 9th Century invited Brahmins amongst the Pancha Gouda and Pancha Dravida in his time to educate local Sapta Sati(सप्त सति) Brahmins. Sapta Sati(सप्त सति) Brahmins later mixed with Rariya Brahmins. श्रेणी ब्राह्मण Vaidika Sreni (वैदिक श्रेणी…

The List of Hindu Puranas

The Puranas which we get in the present forms are not devoid of interpolation or fraudulent change of Slokas, and it appears that corruption inserted into the Text by Western Indologist. For example, in case of Ramayana, Sage Valmiki wrote only six Kandam(Parts) and some unknown persons wrote Uttar kandam (seventh part).