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Celtic Pasupati has similarity with IVC Pashupati

Celt: In the light of comparative philology, it has now become abundantly clear that the forms of Indo-European speech which we call Celtic are most closely related to those of the Italic family, of which family Latin is the best known representative. From this it follows that we are to look for the centre of dissemination of Aryan Celtic speech in some district of Europe that could have been the natural centre of dissemination also for the Italic languages.

Ramakrishna Religion

 In Bramchari Sidheswar Shai and others Versus State of WEST BENGAL – 02/07/1995 Point-1: 21. The learned single Judge of the High Court, who decided the Writ petition, took the view that […]

Hindu religion

In Shastri Yagnapurushdasji v. Muldas Bhundardas Vaishya, AIR 1966 SC 1119 a Constitution Bench of this Court was required to consider the question whether the Bombay High Court was right in holding […]