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Agreements Specialised 

International Agency, Distribution and Licensing Agreements-Government Tender-Security Agreements-


Basic Laws

Law Of ContractPrincipal Agent RelationshipLaw Of Indemnity & GuarantySale of Goods– Social SecurityTransportation LawBailment, Pledge & Hypothecation –  Power Of AttorneyCompensation LawsConsumer Protection-Compensation under Public Law Remedy 

Banking Laws
Business and Industrial Law


Constitutional Law:

Court, Tribunal, Commission, and Board: Practice & Procedure

Interim ApplicationsCategorization of a Case before CourtHigh Court Practice & Procedure-Supreme Court Practice and Procedure-Law of Contempt-Court Room Manners-Criminal Court Practice-Civil Court Practice

Conveyancing, Drafting, and Deeds

Corporate Laws in India

Corporate laws Manual 2017-Corporate Governance-Company Law & Practice-Trusts and Non-Profit Organisation-Corporate Social Responsibility-Corporate Fraud

Criminal and Police Laws 

Criminal Laws: 1

Criminal Procedure Code-Criminal Courts & Power-Criminal Revision –Recalling or Reviewing an Order-Criminal Appeal-Evidence in Inquiries and Trials-Death Penalty-Execution, suspension, remission and commutation of sentences-Sentencing Policy set by Supreme CourtDealing with Juvenile Offenders

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Image result for Next Gif Police Investigation And Police Station Management

Criminal Laws: 2

Indian Penal CodeBailable & Non Bailable Offences-Non Compoundable offences-Defences against Crime-Abetting a Crime-Criminal Conspiracy  –Mental Element and Strict Liability-Murder-Homicide-Unintentional Human Killing-Rape-Attempt to Commit Crime.

Criminal Laws: 3

Criminal Psychology-Counter Terrorism-High Definition Economic Fraud-Prevention of Corruption-Human Trafficking-Smuggling: Arms, Drugs, Diamonds & Gold- Commission of Inquiry-Land Grabbing & Property Fraud- Food ,Drug and Poison-Offences against Public Health and Safety-Pornography-Reckless Driving and other Motor Vehicle offences-Corporal Punishment in School-Crimes are the product of Socio-economic milieu

Criminal Laws: International

Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science

DDefence & Military Laws 

Indian Army -Armed Forces Tribunal-Disaster Management-Defence Procurement

Dictionary, Encyclopedia & Words

Indian Law Encyclopedia Judicial DictionaryStatutory DefinitionsGeneral clause ActLaw PointsNotable quotations 

eEmployment And Labour:

Employment Policy-Vocational Calling & Professional Laws-Labour Laws-Industrial DisputesService LawsCivil Services at the Union and State levelsDisciplinary ProceedingsAgricultural Laws- Employees’Provident Funds and Miscellaneous ProvisionsSchemes and Provisions for Central Govt Employees– 

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Employment under State Governments

Assam-Bihar-Chattisgarh -Delhi-Karnataka-Kerala-Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal

Image result for Next GifService Matters

       Image result for Next Gif   Disciplinary Proceedings

Environmental Protection and Pollution Control

Pollution Control-The National Green Tribunal-Pollution Control Board-Forest Conservation-National Reserve Conservation-Wild Life Conservation-Public Liability Insurance-


Focus India:

The State of IndiaLaw of IndiaNational IdentityCitizenship Of India & Identification of an Indian CitizenLaw relating to foreigners– Government of India Business ScheduleSupreme Court In IndiaHigh Courts In IndiaSubordinate Courts In IndiaTribunals and Judicial Commissions–   International LawIndian Law Topics

Historical Topics: 

Ancient Codes– Oratory – The Hall Of Fame-Legal Classics-


Intellectual Property  

International Laws

                            International Treaties – Private International Laws

Islamic Law

                           Introduction to Islamic Law-Islamic Law in India-

LLaw Of The Nations:

Australia-Canada-Bangladesh-SingaporeUnited States(USA)United Kingdom(Uk)Pakistan  

Legal Methodology:

Jurisprudence & Legal Theory-Interpretation Of Law-Law and EconomicsLegislative DraftingPhilosophy of Law

Local Administration: 

Municipal Administration-Panchayat Administration-Administration Of Tribal Areas-Administration of Union Territories(UT)-Administration of Provincial States-Center & State Relationship 

Litigant Protection:

Free Legal Aid-Litigant In Person-Pauper Suit-Paying Cost to Litigant-Camera Trial-Witness Protection- Protection of Whistle Blowers   


Medical Law & Ethics:

Miscellaneous Fields:

Hospitality & Tourism Law Sports Law in India-Social Welfare Legislation-Law of Education-Visa and Immigration -Foreign Contribution of Fund-Pass Port of India-Protected Area Permit(PAP)/Restricted Area Permit (RAP)-Media Laws


Parliamentary Practice and procedure:

Property Laws-1 :

Property & Real Estate-Rights Over Land Property- Law of WillsWakf Management –Trust Property-Devottar & Temple Management- Benami Property-Insolvency-Amalgamation Of Immovable Property & Company Amalgamation-Vesting Of Property- Enemy Property- Cantonment & Military Property- Government Land-Adverse Possession- Pre Emption- Property Of Minor & Lunatic-Auction Of Property- Market Value Of Property-Revenue Record & Mutation-Property Agreement-Heritage Property-Property Disputes & Specific Reliefs-Injunction-Property Related Offences-Property Insurance-Property Taxation- Land Acquisition

Property Laws-2 :

Transfer Of PropertyEasement-Lease-Licence-Rent Control-Exchange-Law of Partition-Family Settlement-Succession Of Property-Gift-Release-Hypothecation -Mortgage-Registration Of Property

Protection of Weaker Sections in Society :

Domestic ViolenceLaw Of MaintenanceProtection In Workplace-Maternity Benefits-Protection of ChildrenManual for Disabled PersonsRights Of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 – Constitutional Provisions  for Disadvantage People 


Special And Civil Laws-1:

Family & Personal LawGuardian of Person & Property – Civil LawCode of Civil ProcedureLaw of EvidenceFood LawLaw of Compensation– Public RecordsMental Health Care

Special and Civil Laws-2:

Torts Law-Defamation Law-Claiming Damages-Law of Injunction-Protection of human rights-Law of Insurance 

Specialized National Police Agencies

Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI)Enforcement DirectorateNational Investigation Agency

State Laws

Assam-Delhi- Jammu and Kashmir-Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal

Supreme Court Roundup


Taxation & Revenue Laws:

Income TaxCustom Duty-Excise Duty-Goods and Services Tax-Comparative Taxation-Tracking Black Money-Law Of Currency-Suit Valuation & Court Fees- Stamp Duty

UUniversal Collections

Utility LinksDigital Library(DownLoad)Statute ExpositionLegal EssaysLegal VDOs

Utility Services

Indian ElectricityIndian Railway-EssentialCommoditiess-Essential Service Maintenance -Petroleum-Prohibition of strikes-Postal & Telegraph-

W (2)

 Writ Remedies or Complaining to Constitutional Courts  

Nature of Writs-The Respondent-The Complainant-The Cause of Action-The Power is Limited-Filing and Pleading-Grounds for Denial-Pleas to be taken in Writ Petition-Judicial Review-Writ Referencer  

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