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Agreements Specialised 

International Agency, Distribution and Licensing Agreements-Government Tender-Security Agreements-


Basic Laws

Law Of ContractPrincipal Agent RelationshipLaw Of Indemnity & GuarantySale of Goods– Social SecurityTransportation LawBailment, Pledge & Hypothecation –  Power Of AttorneyCompensation LawsConsumer Protection-Compensation under Public Law Remedy 

Banking Laws
Business and Industrial Law


Constitutional Law:

Court, Tribunal, Commission, and Board: Practice & Procedure

Interim ApplicationsCategorization of a Case before CourtHigh Court Practice & Procedure-Supreme Court Practice and Procedure-Law of Contempt-Court Room Manners-Criminal Court Practice-Civil Court Practice

Conveyancing, Drafting, and Deeds

Corporate Laws in India

Corporate laws Manual 2017-Corporate Governance-Company Law & Practice-Trusts and Non-Profit Organisation-Corporate Social Responsibility-Corporate Fraud

Criminal and Police Laws 

Criminal Laws: 1

Criminal Procedure Code-Criminal Courts & Power-Criminal Revision –Recalling or Reviewing an Order-Criminal Appeal-Evidence in Inquiries and Trials-Death Penalty-Execution, suspension, remission and commutation of sentences-Sentencing Policy set by Supreme CourtDealing with Juvenile Offenders

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Image result for Next Gif Police Investigation And Police Station Management

Criminal Laws: 2

Indian Penal CodeBailable & Non Bailable Offences-Non Compoundable offences-Defences against Crime-Abetting a Crime-Criminal Conspiracy  –Mental Element and Strict Liability-Murder-Homicide-Unintentional Human Killing-Rape-Attempt to Commit Crime.

Criminal Laws: 3

Criminal Psychology-Counter Terrorism-High Definition Economic Fraud-Prevention of Corruption-Human Trafficking-Smuggling: Arms, Drugs, Diamonds & Gold- Commission of Inquiry-Land Grabbing & Property Fraud- Food ,Drug and Poison-Offences against Public Health and Safety-Pornography-Reckless Driving and other Motor Vehicle offences-Corporal Punishment in School-Crimes are the product of Socio-economic milieu

Criminal Laws: International

Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science

DDefence & Military Laws 

Indian Army -Armed Forces Tribunal-Disaster Management-Defence Procurement

Dictionary, Encyclopedia & Words

Indian Law Encyclopedia Judicial DictionaryStatutory DefinitionsGeneral clause ActLaw PointsNotable quotations 

eEmployment And Labour:

Employment Policy-Vocational Calling & Professional Laws-Labour Laws-Industrial DisputesService LawsCivil Services at the Union and State levelsDisciplinary ProceedingsAgricultural Laws- Employees’Provident Funds and Miscellaneous ProvisionsSchemes and Provisions for Central Govt Employees– 

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Employment under State Governments

Assam-Bihar-Chattisgarh -Delhi-Karnataka-Kerala-Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal

Image result for Next GifService Matters

       Image result for Next Gif   Disciplinary Proceedings

Environmental Protection and Pollution Control

Pollution Control-The National Green Tribunal-Pollution Control Board-Forest Conservation-National Reserve Conservation-Wild Life Conservation-Public Liability Insurance-


Focus India:

The State of IndiaLaw of IndiaNational IdentityCitizenship Of India & Identification of an Indian CitizenLaw relating to foreigners– Government of India Business ScheduleSupreme Court In IndiaHigh Courts In IndiaSubordinate Courts In IndiaTribunals and Judicial CommissionsIndian Courts – Indian Code  International LawIndian Law Topics

Historical Topics: 

Ancient Codes– Oratory – The Hall Of Fame-Legal Classics-

IIntellectual Property  

Intellectual Property Laws at a GlanceCyber LawsMedia & Entertainment LawsWebsite Policy and GuidelinesTelecommunication and Broadcasting

International Laws

International Treaties – Private International Laws

Islamic Law

Introduction to Islamic Law-Islamic Law in India-

LLaw Of The Nations:

Australia-Canada-Bangladesh-SingaporeUnited States(USA)United Kingdom(Uk)Pakistan  

Legal Methodology:

Jurisprudence & Legal Theory-Interpretation Of Law-Law and EconomicsLegislative DraftingPhilosophy of Law

Local Administration: 

Municipal Administration-Panchayat Administration-Administration Of Tribal Areas-Administration of Union Territories(UT)-Administration of Provincial States-Center & State Relationship 

Litigant Protection:

Free Legal Aid-Litigant In Person-Pauper Suit-Paying Cost to Litigant-Camera Trial-Witness Protection- Protection of Whistle Blowers   


Medical Law & Ethics:

Miscellaneous Fields:

Hospitality & Tourism Law Sports Law in India-Social Welfare Legislation-Law of Education-Visa and Immigration -Foreign Contribution of Fund-Pass Port of India-Protected Area Permit(PAP)/Restricted Area Permit (RAP)-Media Laws


Parliamentary Practice and procedure:

Property Laws-1 :

Property & Real Estate-Rights Over Land Property- Law of WillsWakf Management –Trust Property-Devottar & Temple Management- Benami Property-Insolvency-Amalgamation Of Immovable Property & Company Amalgamation-Vesting Of Property- Enemy Property- Cantonment & Military Property- Government Land-Adverse Possession- Pre Emption- Property Of Minor & Lunatic-Auction Of Property- Market Value Of Property-Revenue Record & Mutation-Property Agreement-Heritage Property-Property Disputes & Specific Reliefs-Injunction-Property Related Offences-Property Insurance-Property Taxation- Land Acquisition

Property Laws-2 :

Transfer Of PropertyEasement-Lease-Licence-Rent Control-Exchange-Law of Partition-Family Settlement-Succession Of Property-Gift-Release-Hypothecation -Mortgage-Registration Of Property

Protection of Weaker Sections in Society :

Domestic ViolenceLaw Of MaintenanceProtection In Workplace-Maternity Benefits-Protection of ChildrenManual for Disabled PersonsRights Of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 – Constitutional Provisions  for Disadvantage People 


Special And Civil Laws-1:

Family & Personal LawGuardian of Person & Property – Civil LawCode of Civil ProcedureLaw of EvidenceFood LawLaw of Compensation– Public RecordsMental Health Care

Special and Civil Laws-2:

Torts Law-Defamation Law-Claiming Damages-Law of Injunction-Protection of human rights-Law of Insurance 

Specialized National Police Agencies

Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI)Enforcement DirectorateNational Investigation Agency

State Laws

Assam-Delhi- Jammu and Kashmir-Uttar Pradesh-West Bengal

Supreme Court Roundup


Taxation & Revenue Laws:

Income TaxCustom Duty-Excise Duty-Goods and Services Tax-Comparative Taxation-Tracking Black Money-Law Of Currency-Suit Valuation & Court Fees- Stamp Duty

UUniversal Collections

Utility LinksDigital Library(DownLoad)Statute ExpositionLegal EssaysLegal VDOs

Utility Services

Indian ElectricityIndian Railway-EssentialCommoditiess-Essential Service Maintenance -Petroleum-Prohibition of strikes-Postal & Telegraph-

W (2)

 Writ Remedies or Complaining to Constitutional Courts  

Nature of Writs-The Respondent-The Complainant-The Cause of Action-The Power is Limited-Filing and Pleading-Grounds for Denial-Pleas to be taken in Writ Petition-Judicial Review-Writ Referencer  

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