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An Action An action, in the strict sense of the term, ends at the judgment.   1. An ” action,” according to the legal meaning of the term, is a proceeding by […]

What is Love Jihad

It is stated that there is a movement or project which is called “Romeo Jihad” or “Love Jihad” conceived by a section of the Muslims. The idea appears to be to convert girls belonging to other religions to Islam. It is stated that Muslim boys are directed to pretend love to girls of other religions and get them converted to Islam. A lot of money is available for executing the project.

Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh assassinated near Tehran

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian high-ranking nuclear physicist , long suspected by the West of masterminding a secret nuclear bomb programme was killed in an ambush near Tehran on Friday Nov. 27, 2020. Fakhrizadeh has long been described by Western countries as a leader of a covert atomic bomb programme halted in 2003, which Israel and the United States accuse Tehran of trying to restore in secret, but  always denied by Iran.

What is biological life

Life is a multi-faceted concept with no simple definition; this article is confined to the primary meanings in biology; articles on life in other senses are included in the article life (disambiguation). Defining the concept of life […]

What is Metabolism

Santorio Santorio (1561-1636) in his steelyard balance, from Ars de statica medecina, first published 1614 Metabolism (from μεταβολισμος(metavallo), the Greek word for “change”), in the most general sense, is the ingestion and breakdown of complex compounds, coupled […]

What is sleep

Sleep is the fundamental anabolic process common to all life forms, plant and animal. In animals the anabolic state – sleep – is characterized by an absolute minimal degree of consciousness and decreased responsiveness to […]