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Emperor vs Khudiram Bose-13/06/1908

The accused is not a mere youth but a young man who has attained the age fixed for majority in this country. The crime was not committed at the instigation of older men present on the spot. For twenty days the accused and his companion had been in Mozufferpore watching for an opportunity to commit the crime, and when they thought the opportunity offered itself they carried it out with deliberation and determination after first taking precautions to avoid detection and secure escape. It is impossible to treat the accused as a young man who did not know fully well the serious nature of the crime he was committing.

Rule by Law: Tom Ginsburg

Edition: 2008 Rule by Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes   Introduction Of judges and generals: security courts under authoritarian regimes in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile Administrative law and judicial […]