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Law About the Constitution of the German Evangelical Church-1933

For the German Evangelical Church, a constitution has been provided on 11 July 1933 that is, with the implementation ordinance, acknowledged by the Empire and published in the appendix.

Indian National Building Code of India 2016

The National Building Code of India (NBC), a comprehensive building Code, is a national instrument providing guidelines for regulating the building construction activities across the country. It serves as a Model Code for adoption by all agencies involved in building construction works be they Public Works Departments, other government construction departments, local bodies or private construction agencies. The Code was first published in 1970 at the instance of Planning Commission and then first revised in 1983. Thereafter three
major amendments were issued to the 1983 version, two in 1987 and the third in 1997. The second revision of the Code was in 2005, to which two amendments were issued in 2015.

ITC Limited vs Chowringhee Residency Private-CHC-16/01/2015

NUISANCE-The common law of nuisance has co-existed with statutory controls, albeit less sophisticated, since the 19th century. There is no principle that the common law should ‘march with’ a statutory scheme covering similar subject matter. Short of express or implied statutory authority to commit a nuisance…, there is no basis, in principle or authority, for using such a statutory scheme to cut down private law rights

अथातो घुमक्कड़ जिज्ञासा-राहुल संकृत्यायन

आधुनिक काल में घुमक्कड़ों के काम की बात कहने की आवश्यकता है, क्योंकि लोगों ने घुमक्कड़ों की कृतियों को चुरा के उन्हें गला फाड़-फाड़कर अपने नाम से प्रकाशित किया, जिससे दुनिया जानने लगी कि वस्तुत: तेली के कोल्हू के बैल ही दुनिया में सब कुछ करते हैं। आधुनिक विज्ञान में चार्ल्स डारविन का स्थान बहुत ऊँचा है। उसने प्राणियों की उत्पत्ति और मानव-वंश के विकास पर ही अद्वितीय खोज नहीं की, बल्कि कहना चाहिए कि सभी विज्ञानों को डारविन के प्रकाश में दिशा बदलनी पड़ी। लेकिन, क्या डारविन अपने महान आविष्कारों को कर सकता था, यदि उसने घुमक्कड़ी का व्रत न लिया होता?

Baldevdas Shivlal and anr Vs Filmistan Distributors (India) Pvt. Ltd. and ors

The expression “case” is a word of comprehensive import; it includes a civil proceeding and is not restricted by anything contained in Section 115 of the Code to the entirety of the proceeding in a civil Court. To interpret the expression “case” as an entire proceeding only and not a part of the proceeding imposes an unwarranted restriction on the exercise of powers of superintendence and may result in certain cases in denying relief to the aggrieved litigant where it is most needed and may result in the perpetration of gross injustice.

Case meaning

It may also be observed that by ordering that a question may properly be put to a witness who was being examined, no case was decided by the Trial court. The expression “case” is not limited in its import to the entirety of the matter in dispute in an action. This Court observed in Major S. S. Khanna vs. Brig. F. J. Dillon (1964) 4 SCR 409 that the expression “case” is a word of comprehensive import:it includes a civil proceeding and is not restricted by anything contained in S. 115 of the Code to the entirety of the proceeding in a civil Court.