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Tenure and tenure-holder

“Tenure” includes all permanent interests in land, with the exception of estates as above defined, and with the exception of those of raiyats having a right of occupancy only; it also includes all ghatwali holdings; “tenure-holder” […]


“Estate” means -any land which is entered on the revenue-roll as separately assessed with the public revenue ; any land acquired from the [Government] under one title, which is liable to pay land-revenue at […]


Article 31, like Art, 19 (1) (f), is concerned with “property.” Both the Articles are in the same chapter and deal with fundamental rights. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the […]

Police power

We are familiar with the expression “police power” which is in vogue in the United States of America. ‘This expression simply denotes that in special cases the State can step in where […]


in India where the offence under section 124A of the Penal Code should be construed with reference to the words used in that section. They also added :- “The word ‘sedition’ does […]