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Constitution of the Democratic Socialist republic of Sri Lanka-1978

WE, THE FREELY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA, in pursuance of such Mandate, humbly acknowledging our obligations to our People and gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain and preserve their rights and privileges so that the Dignity and Freedom of the Individual may be assured, Just, Social, Economic and Cultural Order attained, the Unity of the Country restored and Concord established with other Nations, do hereby adopt and enact, this CONSTITUTION as the SUPREME LAW of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA

SC E-Committee releases Draft Model Rules for Live-Streaming of Court Proceedings-asks for imputes

The e-Committee, Supreme Court of India has released the Draft Model Rules for Live-Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings and has invited inputs, feedback and suggestions on it from all the stakeholders. The Draft Model Rule sare available on the e-committee website [Click the link to Download the Draft Model Rules for Live-Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings The e-Committee of Supreme Court of India along with the Department of Justice, Government of India is working under the National Policy and Action Plan for implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary.

21 जून से देश के हर राज्य में सभी नागरिकों के लिए भारत सरकार मुफ्त वैक्सीन मुहैया कराएगी-PM Modi-07/06/2021


राज्य सरकारों को छूट क्यों नहीं दी जा रही? राज्य सरकारों को लॉकडाउन की छूट क्यों नहीं मिल रही? One Size Does Not Fit All जैसी बातें भी कही गईं। दलील ये दी गई कि संविधान में चूंकि Health-आरोग्य, प्रमुख रूप से राज्य का विषय है, इसलिए अच्छा है कि ये सब राज्य ही करें। इसलिए इस दिशा में एक शुरूआत की गई। भारत सरकार ने एक बृहद गाइडलाइन बनाकर राज्यों को दी ताकि राज्य अपनी आवश्यकता और सुविधा के अनुसार काम कर सकें। स्थानीय स्तर पर कोरोना कर्फ्यू लगाना हो, माइक्रो कन्टेनमेंट जोन बनाना हो, इलाज से जुड़ी व्यवस्थाएं हो, भारत सरकार ने राज्यों की इन मांगों को स्वीकार किया।

SURAH Al Qalam-2

By the pen and what they inscribe,You are not, a madman [O Muhammad], by the favor of your Rab.And indeed, for you is a reward uninterrupted.And indeed, you are of a great moral character.So you will see and they will see