Category: Administrative Law

Administrative Tribunal

“Administrative Tribunal”, in relation to a State, means the Administrative Tribunal for the State or, as the case may be, the Joint Administrative Tribunal for that State and any other State or […]

Natural Justice

SACHINDRA KUMAR SWAIN  Vs. THE STATE OF ORISSA – Natural justice is riot a static concept. It is part of a judicial vocabulary in the administration of justice. It is not “extra legal”, though, it may be “extra legislative”. It is recognised as a guiding factor in administrative law, and forms the constitutional basis for judicial scrutiny of legislative and executive actions. It is the sense of justice that represents the ethics of judicial conscience. Rules of natural justice are not embodied; and their aim is to secure justice or to prevent miscarriage of justice.

Service benefits for the Judges of Fast Track Courts

In service jurisprudence, the appointments are made by employer with different nomenclature/characteristics. Appointments are made both on permanent or temporary basis against permanent post or temporary post. The appointment can also be made on adhoc basis on permanent or temporary post. There is one common feature of appointments of permanent, temporary or adhoc appointment i.e. those appointments are made against the post whether permanent or temporary.