Naresh Prasad Mittal vs Mahavir Singh-18/01/1960

In the case of Bansi v. Hari Singh, 1956 Cri LJ 561 : ((S) AIR 1956 All 297) it was observed at page 568 that by virtue of Section 426 Cr. P. C., the High Court in entertaining a revision against an order of a subordinate court has full power to stay or suspend the execution of any order for the pendency of the revision. Similar powers have now been given under Section 435 (1) Cr. P. C. to Sessions Judges.


Communal amity and harmony are absolutely essential for the progress of the nation. We cannot afford to have another Gujarat in U.P. Slaughter of cow hurts the sentiments of the Hindus and hence should not be committed. In our opinion cow slaughter affects public order because it is likely to incite communal tension. Hence it is not merely a case of law and order.

ASHOO VS STATE OF U.P- 23/05/1997

U.P. Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1956-Sections 3, 5, 10 - U.P. Prevention of Cow Slaughter Rules, 1984, Rule 17 - Release of seized cattles - Seizure made from a truck at a distance of 190 kms from U.P. Border - It cannot be persumed that transportation of cattles was unathorised - Transportation also cannot be said beyond border of U.P. for slaughtering purpose - Nothing on record to prove that cattles were treated with cruelty - Cattles directed to be released in favour of claimants.

Shyamal Ranjan Mukerjee vs Nirmal Ranjan Mukerjee and Others-30/08/2007

Hinduism is combination of all faiths, beliefs, thoughts and way of worship (Religions) born in India and represnts Karmayog, Gyanyog and Bhaktiyog Dharma propounded by Bhagvad Geeta which is common to all faiths, beliefs and thoughts of all sections of Hindu Socleity (Hinduism) and is Dharshastra and represents all the sections of Hinduism. It has given us universal and eternal truth to maintain a social order and moral obligation for all times to come and for all the societies and as such 'Bhagvad Geeta' may be recognised as National (Rashtriya) Dharma Shashtra.

Gravity of offence is not relevant consideration for refusing bail to the juvenile- Allahabad HC-07/08/2020

Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015-This Court has carefully considered the rival submissions of the parties and perused the impugned orders. The juvenile is clearly below 16 years of age and does not fall into that special category of a juvenile between the age of 16 and 18 years whose case may be viewed differently, in case, they are found to be of a mature mind and persons well understanding the consequences of their actions.

Vikas Dubey vs State Of U.P-21/07/2010

Let the applicant Vikas Dubey involved in Case Crime No. 101 of 2010, under Section 2/3 of U.P. Gangsters and Anti Social Activities (Prevention) Act, 1986, P.S. New Agra, District Agra be released on bail on his furnishing a personal bond and two sureties each in the like amount to the satisfaction of the court concerned with the following conditions

Vikas Dubey vs State Of U.P-28/05/2020

In the event of arrest the applicant shall be released on anticipatory bail till the submission of police report, if any, under section 173 (2) Cr.P.C. before the competent Court on furnishing a personal bond of Rs.25,000/- with two sureties each in the like amount to the satisfaction of the Station House Officer of the police station concerned with the following conditions

Gajraj and Others Vs State of U.P. and Others [Noida Land Acquisition Matters]- 21/10/2011

HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT ALLAHABAD Gajraj and Others Vs State of U.P. and Others Reserved on 30.09.2011. Delivered on 21.10.2011. Group-1 (Writ petitions relating to village Patwari) (1)Case :- WRIT - C No. - 37443 of 2011 Petitioner :-…