As per the provisions of the Constitution, the seats are reserved for SCs and STs in the House of the People and in the Assemblies in proportion, as nearly as may be, to their population. There is also a provision of reservation in recruitment to the Central Government posts and admission to Central Government educational institutions for SCs, STs and OBCs.

Muslim OBC Status declared by the State of West Bengal List updated November 2019 Complete List see here SI. Caste Particulars of connected orders 16 Jolah (Ansari Momin) Notification No.705-TW/EC dt. 13.12.94 31 Fakir, Sain Notification No. 183-TW/EC dt. 8 March 1996 44 Hawari Notification No. 93-TW/EC dt. 1 February 1997 49 Dhunia 50 Patidar 51 Kasai 52 Pajra 54 Nashya-Sekh […]

Muslim OBCs  in West Bengal  List updated November 2019 Entry number Caste/community Resolution no. and date 23 Jolah (Ansari Momin) 12011/96/94-BCC dt. 9 March 1996 and 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 September 2001 29 Fakir, Sain 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 27 October 1999 45 Kasai-Quraishi 12011/36/99-BCC dt. 4 April 2000— 53 Rayeen (Kunjra) -do- 55 Nashya-Sekh 12011/1/2001-BCC dt. 20 June 2003 56 Shershabadia 12011/1/2001-BCC dt. […]

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