Code on commercial exploitation of  image of children under sixteen on Internet-France

For several years, videos featuring children at different times in their lives have been published on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. The children are thus brought to be filmed within the framework of leisure activities, challenges and tutorials or in the process of testing, tasting or unpacking various products.

Retroactive Child Support

The purpose and promise of child support are to protect the financial entitlements due to children by their parents. The jurisprudence has not consistently fulfilled that promise when it comes to historical child support, which is the term used to describe when retroactive child support is sought after the child no longer qualifies as a beneficiary under the applicable legislation. 

SAFETY AND SECURITY OF CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS: National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

“School Safety” has been defined as creating safe environment for children, starting from their homes to their schools and back. This includes safety from any kind of abuse, violence, psycho-social issue, disaster: natural and manmade, fire, transportation. Emotional safety is especially important because it is often difficult for teachers and parents to detect emotional problems and difficulties in children. Bullying can cause victimized students to suffer from lower self-esteem and daily stress about their well-being.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights vis-à-vis Child Custody matters

in a case where due to dispute between the husband and wife, proceedings are pending between them, the CWC has no jurisdiction to direct visiting rights either to husband or wife. Under the provisions of Guardian and Wards Act and the Family Court Act, the powers are conferred to the court of competent jurisdiction to decide the application in respect of visiting or welfare of the child.

UNO Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography-2002

Believing that the elimination of the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography will be facilitated by adopting a holistic approach, addressing the contributing factors, including underdevelopment, poverty, economic disparities, inequitable socio-economic structure, dysfunctioning families, lack of education, urban-rural migration, gender discrimination, irresponsible adult sexual behaviour, harmful traditional practices, armed conflicts and trafficking in children,

Child Protection Laws in India

n habeas corpus proceedings to determine Child custody, the jurisdiction exercised by the Court rests in such cases on its inherent equitable powers and exerts the force of the State, as parens patriae, for the Protection of its infant ward, and the very nature and scope of the inquiry and the result sought to be accomplished call for the exercise of the jurisdiction of a court of equity