Tertullian on Baptism-De Baptismo – 220 CE

The Blessed Sacrament of Water, in which, when cleansed, we are released from the sins of our original blindness, unto eternal life! … How great is the power of stubbornness, to unsettle the Faith, or even to reject it altogether, when we find it impugns it, on account of the very articles it contains. Nothing so hardens men's minds, as that simplicity of divine works which is seen in the doing of them, contrasted with the greatness which is promised as the effect of them.

The Churches in Kolkata

The stone church, or Pathuriya Girja as the natives call it, was consecrated on the 24th of June, 1787, under the name of St. John, and remained the presidency church till 1814, when, Calcutta having been constituted a bishopric, St. John's became the Cathedral. Old St. James's Church was built in 1820, the Free School Church, St. Thomas's, in 1831, and St. Peter's, in the Fort, in 1835, but it was not till 1839 that, it having been found impracticable to enlarge St. John's Church to meet the growing needs of the community, the scheme for building a new Cathedral took definite form.

Infallibility of Roman Church

It was always agreed that where the Pope and Bishops were unanimous they were infallible, and their unanimity might be expressed either in a general council, or in a decree of a local council tacitly accepted by the Pope and the rest of the Church, or even in a decree of the Pope alone if the bishops either expressly or tacitly affirmed it.

Exorcism against Satan and apostate angels-Pope Leo XIII-1884

Most glorious Prince of the celestial militias, Archangel St. Michael, defend us in the battle and in the fight against the principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness and against the evil spirits of the celestial areas. Come to the aid of men, created by God for immortality and made in his image and likeness and redeemed at great cost from the tyranny of the devil.

From the top of the apostolic seat-Pope Leo XIII-1890

Indeed, Italy would increase respect and consideration among other peoples from living in harmony with the Apostolic See; which, as she made Italians experience the benefits of her presence among them in a particular way, as well as with the treasures of faith that always spread from this center of blessing and health, he made that the great and respected Italian name spread among all peoples.

Catholic Church is a political organization to establish “supremacy of Pope over all persons”

The papal monarchy was neither designed nor calculated to foster the growth of either truth, reason or virtue. The policy and measures which it adopted were never intended to correct vice, but to make it administer to the importance of its power, and the wealth of its coffers. Its design has always been to reign supreme; and in conformity with a policy dictated by this design, it has destroyed every virtue that obtruded an obstacle to the accomplishment of its purposes, and protected every vice that appeared to favor their success.

Inquisition of Catholic Church

The first step toward the establishment of courts of inquisition would seem to have been taken in 1179 when the third Council of the Lateran issued a decree of excommunication against the adherents of the heretical sects of southern France, who are charged not only with holding abominable heretical tenets but also with practising “unheard-of cruelties against the Catholics,” demolishing the churches and massacring widows and orphans.