European Parliament resolution on the legal professions -2006

lawyers shall be entitled to form and join self-governing professional associations to represent their interests, promote their continuing education and training and protect their professional integrity. The executive body of the professional associations shall be elected by its members and shall exercise its functions without external interference

What is ratio decidendi ?

t is not everything said by a Judge while giving judgment that constitutes a precedent. The only thing in a Judge's decision binding a party is the principle upon which the case is decided and for this reason it is important to analyse a decision and isolate from it the ratio decidendi.

Statement by Gambian President Adama Barrow at the Swearing-in Ceremony of Justice Amina Saho Ceesay (16/06/2021)

Mindful of the crucial role of the Judiciary in a democracy, all of us have to continue supporting the Judiciary for the fulfilment of our collective aspirations of promoting, protecting and enforcing the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights in The Gambia. A well-functioning independent and transparent Judiciary is an indispensable asset for a democracy such as ours.

Loyal servants of British at once became loyal servants of Congress – Nirad C. Chaudhuri (2008)

Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Part II-2008-Actually, those who had served the British most efficiently were kept, so that they might put their efficiency at the disposal of the new regime. An Indian civil servant who had dealt with the Bengali revolutionary movement with great severity became India’s first ambassador in Washington and the first representative in the UN. The loyal servants of the British at once became loyal servants of the Congress.

High Court must pass a speaking and reasoned order while disposing application U/S 482 CrPC – SC 17/05/2022

From the aforesaid, it can be seen that the impugned judgment and order passed by the High Court is a cryptic, nonspeaking order. We find no independent application of mind by the High Court on the legality and validity of the order passed by the learned Magistrate summoning the accused. The learned Magistrate issued the summons against the accused after considering the statements of the complainant as well as the witnesses recorded under Sections 200 & 202 Cr.P.C. and after considering the evidence on record including the injury certificate.

Plaintiff has to succeed only on strength of his case and not on weak defence case in a suit for declaration of title and possession-SC 2014

Union of India and others Vs. Vasavi Co-op. Housing Society Ltd-2014-POSSESSION AND TITLE- A family settlement is based generally on the assumption that there was an antecedent title of some kind in the purchase and the arrangement acknowledges and defines what that title was. In a family settlement-cum-partition, the parties may define the shares in the joint property and may either choose to divide the property by metes and bounds or may continue to live together and enjoy the property as common.

Indian Easements Act 1882

An easement is a right which the owner or occupier of certain land possesses, as such, for the beneficial enjoyment of that land, to do and continue to do something, or to prevent and continue to prevent something being done, in or upon, or in respect of, certain other land not his own.

Sec 60 of Easements Act 1882 is not exhaustive and parties can stipulate a licence to be revocable

I hold that the licence deed dated 16th July, 1982 is revocable. The Licensee's contention that the licence is irrevocable under section 60(b) of the Indian Easements Act, 1882 on the ground of having made permanent construction, is contrary to the well settled law and is rejected. The contention of the Licensee that the terms of the licence constitute an irrevocable licence in favour of the Licensee is also misconceived and is rejected