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Meaning for the term “positive law” with respect to the United States Code


Positive law is distinguishable from natural law. The term “natural law”, especially as used generally in legal philosophy, refers to a set of universal principles and rules that properly govern moral human conduct. Unlike a statute, natural law is not created by human beings. Rather, natural law is thought to be the preexisting law of nature, which human beings can discover through their capacity for rational analysis.

Bhanubhaktko Ramayana-भानुभक्तको नेपाली रामायण-श्रीबालकाण्ड

एक् दिन् नारद सत्यलोक् पुगि गया लोक्को गरूँ हित् भनी।
ब्रह्मा ताहिं थिया पर्या चरणमा खूसी गराया पनी॥

क्या सोध्छौ तिमि सोध भन्छु म भनी मर्जी भयेथ्यो जसै।
ब्रह्माको करुणा बुझेर ऋषिले बिन्ती गर्या यो तसै॥1॥

Conversion Of Constantine-Gibbon: PART-4

The edict of Milan secured the revenue as well as the peace of the church. The Christians not only recovered the lands and houses of which they had been stripped by the persecuting laws of Diocletian, but they acquired a perfect title to all the possessions which they had hitherto enjoyed by the connivance of the magistrate.

Conversion Of Constantine-Gibbon: PT-3

The bishops alone possessed the faculty of spiritual generation: and this extraordinary privilege might compensate, in some degree, for the painful celibacy which was imposed as a virtue, as a duty, and at length as a positive obligation. The religions of antiquity, which established a separate order of priests, dedicated a holy race, a tribe or family, to the perpetual service of the gods. Such institutions were founded for possession, rather than conquest.

Conversion Of Constantine-Gibbon: PT-2

The enthusiasm which inspired the troops, and perhaps the emperor himself, had sharpened their swords while it satisfied their conscience. They marched to battle with the full assurance, that the same God, who had formerly opened a passage to the Isrælites through the waters of Jordan, and had thrown down the walls of Jericho at the sound of the trumpets of Joshua, would display his visible majesty and power in the victory of Constantine.