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চরিত্র-গঠন ও মানসিক উন্নতি-সুভাষচন্দ্র বসু (1926)

ভয় জয় করার উপায় শক্তিসাধনা। দুর্গা, কালী প্রভৃতি মূর্ত্তি শক্তির রূপবিশেষ। শক্তির যে কোন রূপ মনে মনে কল্পনা করিয়া তাঁহার নিকট শক্তি প্রার্থনা করিলে এবং তাঁহার চরণে মনের দুর্ব্বলতাও মলিনতা বালস্বরূপ প্রদান করিলে মানুষ শক্তিলাভ করিতে পারে। আমাদের মধ্যে অনন্ত শক্তি নিহিত হইয়াছে, সেই শক্তির বোধন করিতে হইবে। পূজার উদ্দেশ্য—মনের মধ্যে শক্তির বোধন করা। প্রত্যহ শক্তিরূপ ধ্যান করিয়া শক্তিকে প্রার্থনা করিবে এবং পঞ্চেন্দ্রিয় ও সকল রিপুকে তাঁহার চরণে নিবেদন করিবে। পঞ্চপ্রদীপ অর্থ পঞ্চেন্দ্রিয়। এই পঞ্চেন্দ্রিয়ের সাহায্যে মায়ের পূজা হইয়া থাকে। আমাদের চক্ষু আছে তাই আমরা ধূপ, গুগ্‌গুল প্রভৃতি সুগন্ধি জিনিষ দিয়া পূজা করি ইত্যাদি।

Howrah Gang Case

Mr. O’GRADY asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether the Government of India intend to do anything in the way of compensating the thirty-three men who were confined in gaol for close on six months, and then acquitted in the Howrah gang case, the trial showing that these men were arrested upon insufficient evidence?

When to Hold, When to Fold, and When to Reshuffle: The Art of Decisionmaking on a Multi-Member Court

The reasons why a judge writes separately vary, depending on whether the contemplated opinion will be a concurrence or a dissent. Judge Patricia Wald, who sat for many years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, has suggested that a judge who intends to dissent “is driven publicly to distance herself from her colleagues out of profound disagreement, frustration, even outrage.

Beggars in London-George Orwell-1929

How many are there in London? No-one knows exactly, probably several thousand. Perhaps ten thousand in the worst part of the year. Anyway, it is likely that among every four hundred Londoners there is one beggar who is living at the expense of the other three hundred and ninety-nine.

Importance of punishment as per Arjauna

अर्जुन उवाच। दण्डः शास्ति प्रजाः सर्वा दण्ड एवाभिरक्षति। दण्‍डः सुप्तेषु जागर्ति दण्डं धर्मं विदुर्बुधाः।। दण्डः संरक्षते धर्मं तथैवार्यं जनाधिप। कामं संरक्षते दण्डस्त्रिवर्गो दण्ड उच्यते।। दण्डेन रक्ष्यते धान्यं धनं दण्डेन रक्ष्यते। एतद्विद्वानुपादाय स्वभावं […]

Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 2047 (1990)

NOW, THEREFORE, keeping in view the desire of the people that the State authority and sovereign powers shall, after the commencement of this Constitution, be exercised in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, I, KING BIRENDRA BIR BIKRAM SHAH DEVA, by virtue of the State authority as exercised by Us, do hereby promulgate and enforce this CONSTITUTION OF THE KINGDOM OF NEPAL on the recommendation and advice, and with the consent of the Council of Ministers.

Govt of Bengal issued notice to Modern Review for an article written by Tagore, entitled ‘On Russia’-1934

The article was taken from a book called “Letters from Russia,” which was published in Bengali by a local Press in 1931. This book attracted little public attention, and consequently no notice was taken of it by Government, but the translation into English of a particular chapter, which was clearly calculated by distortion of the facts to bring the British administration in India into contempt and disrepute

Burning of females on funeral piles of their husbands – UK Parliament Debate-20/06/1821

We must look for amelioration in the improvement of the people in the arts of peace, and in the gradual introduction of a purer system of morals and religion. The policy of the Mahometan conquerors of India had been held out for our imitation. But was the conduct of Mussulmans to be the guide of Christians? The religion of Mahomet was one of conquest; the religion of Christ was one of persuasion. The former triumphed by power; the latter triumphed in spite of power. We must be content to pursue a slow and silent and forbearing course before we could hope for the extinction of that ignorance of which superstition was the invariable concomitant.—After a short reply, the motion was agreed to.