Central Civil Services (Pension)Rules-1972

Employees of Union Territories are also governed by CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 No distinction between permanent and temporary employees in the application of Pension Rules Temporary Government servant with less than ten years’ service who retires on superannuation, discharged from service, etc., is eligible for gratuity as for permanent Government servant. Government servants transferred from services and posts to which these rules do not apply

Spanish citizens can invoke diplomatic protection (patrimonial responsibility) when they are wrongfully damaged by another State Internationally-Tribunal Supreme-15/07/2021

Spanish citizens have the right to diplomatic protection by the national Administration, for compensation for the damages caused by an illegal act, in accordance with to International Law, caused directly by another State; as long as the injured party himself has not been able to obtain reparation through the internal law mechanisms of the State producing the damage, provided that they are established and it is reasonable to obtain an express ruling in a reasonable time

Essentials of the new Constitution of India-1948

Unlike the scheme of 1935 the new Constitution is not an alliance between democracies and dynasties but a real Union of the Indian people built on the concept of the sovereignty of the people. In a democratic federal State, the fundamental rights of the citizens of one constituent unit cannot vary vis-a-vis citizens of another unit.

The problem of the Indian States under British Rule

The problem of Indian States in the form in which it was inherited by free India, was an accident of the ascendency of British power in India. The institution of rulership had, no doubt, been a recognised feature of ancient Indian polity and the States had studded the map of India even before the advent of the British in this country.

Empanelment of Govt Lawyers in West Bengal in Calcutta HC, Dist Courts and Tribunals

UPDATED 2021 Department of Legal affairs Govt of India  For West Bengal F. No. J-l 10171512020-JudicialGovernment of IndiaMinistry of Law and JusticeDepartment of Legal Affairs(Judicial Section)Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, ORDERThe President is pleased to engage following advocates for conducting Central…

West Bengal Law Dept Manual

MANUAL – I : The particulars of the department, its functions and duties

MANUAL – II : Powers and duties of officers and employees of law department

MANUAL – III : The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

FOREWORD-White Paper on Indian States (1948)

The task of reconstruction of States is not over with the signing of the Covenants and Agreements of Merger. It was inevitable that the profound change that has come over the States should bring in its wake a crop of difficult administrative problems. Local affiliations and political habits die hard; not all the newly-established units, therefore, could be expected to settle easily in the new mould.