Contempt is a wrong done to the public by weakening authority of Courts which exist for their good

Bathina Ramakrishna Reddy Versus State of Madras- When the act of defaming a Judge is calculated to obstruct or interfere with the due course of justice or proper administration of law, it would certainly amount to contempt. The offence of contempt is really a wrong done to the public by weakening the authority and influence of Courts of law which exist for their good.


This report looks at the accurate contemporary reporting of the content of legal proceedings taking place in public in criminal courts. More specifically, this report focuses on the power of the Crown Court to order that such reporting be postponed to avoid prejudice to court proceedings. We are concerned here with all court reporting, whether broadcast (on television, radio or over the internet) or published (electronically or in print format) and whether by accredited press representatives or others such as bloggers.

In re: Arundhati Roy – 06/03/2002

As the respondent has not shown any repentance or regret or remorse, no leinent view should be taken in the matter. However, showing the magnanimity of law by keeping in mind that the respondent is a woman, and hoping that better sense and wisdom shall dawn upon the respondent in the future to serve the cause of art and literature by her creative skill and imagination, we feel that the ends of justice would be met if she is sentenced to symbolic imprisonment besides paying a fine of ` 2000/-.

Willful disobedience – means

KULDIP RASTOGI AND ANOTHER  Vs. VISHVA NATH KHANNA - Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 — Section — 12(3), 13 — 'Willful' disobedience — Meaning of 'willful' has the same meaning in the law of contempt as in other branches of the law. no reason why in the matter of contempt it should have some special or peculiar meaning, the ordinary meaning of willful,' as defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, is that for which compulsion or ignorance or accident cannot be Pleaded as an excuse, intentional, deliberate ..........'.

If Bar Association pass resolutions to boycott Court it amounts to interfering with the course of justice

Even if a lawyer or the Bar Association feels that a Judge has misconduct himself, the boycott cannot be resorted to. Only such remedies as are provided under law can only be pursued and certainly boycott is not one of…