The Land Code of Russian Federation – 2001

accounting of value of the earth as bases of life and activities of the person according to whom regulation of the relations on use and protection of the earth is performed proceeding from ideas of the earth as about the natural object protected as the most important component of the nature, the natural resource used as means of production in agricultural industry and forestry and bases of implementation of economic and other activity in the territory of the Russian Federation, and at the same time as about real estate, about object of the property right and other land right

Cadastral Maps or Plan

Cadastre is a technical term for a st of records showing the extent, value and ownership (or other basis for use or occupancy) of land. Strictly speaking, a cadastre is a record of areas and values of land and of landholders that originally was compiled for purposes of taxation. In many countries there is, however, no longer any land tax and in practice the cadastre serves two other equally important purposes. It provides a ready means of precise description and identification of particular pieces of land and it acts as a continuous record of rights in land.

Suit for Land

If the plaint relates to agricultural land and the plaintiff is illiterate, if should be scrutinised with special care according to the following directions: (i) The Presiding Officer shall ascertain by careful examination of the plaintiff or his agent, whether…

Classes of tenants

There shall be, for the purpose of this Act, the following classes of tenants, (namely) :— (1) tenure-holders, including under-tenure-holders, (2)raiyats, and (3) under-raiyats, that is to say, tenants holding whether immediately or mediately under-raiyats; and the following classes of…

Mysore Urban Development Authority Vs. K.M. Chikkathayamma & Ors.[ALL SC 2018 September]

September 07, 2018: LAND ACQUISITION-Any act done by the parties in relation to the subject matter of the appeals after the impugned order, cannot be pressed into service to support the impugned order. In other words, the legality and correctness of the impugned order has to be examined in the light of reasoning contained in the impugned order and not on the basis of the acts done by the parties subsequent to the passing of impugned order. It is for this reason the acts done by the party subsequent to passing of the impugned order are of no relevance for deciding the present appeals. APPEAL ALLOWED.

Vesting and Management of Ram Janmabhumi Land, Ayodhya in Central Government

All properties aforesaid which have vested in the Central Government under section 3 shall, by force of such vesting, be freed and discharged from any trust, obligation, mortgage, charge, lien and all other encumbrances affecting them and any attachment, injunction, decree or order of any court or tribunal or other authority restricting the use of such properties in any manner or appointing any receiver in respect of the whole or any part of such properties shall cease to have any effect