The Land Code of Russian Federation – 2001

accounting of value of the earth as bases of life and activities of the person according to whom regulation of the relations on use and protection of the earth is performed proceeding from ideas of the earth as about the natural object protected as the most important component of the nature, the natural resource used as means of production in agricultural industry and forestry and bases of implementation of economic and other activity in the territory of the Russian Federation, and at the same time as about real estate, about object of the property right and other land right

Despite High Courts are independent and co-equal institutions, till they are ‘judicial authority’ u/a 144 of Constitution to act in aid of the Supreme Court – Explain

The order of the Supreme Court is a judicial order, and is otherwise enforceable throughout the territory of India under Article 142 of the Constitution. The High Court is bound to come in aid of the Supreme Court in having its order worked out. While the High Court is independent, and is a co- equal institution, the Constitutional scheme and judicial discipline requires that the High Court should give due regard to the orders of the Supreme Court which are binding on all courts within the territory of India.

Tiruppavai by Alwar Andal – तिरुप्पावै-திருப்பாவை

नीळा तुंग स्तनगिरितटी सुप्तमुद्बोध्य कृष्णं पारार्थ्यं स्वं श्रुतिशतशिरः सिद्धमध्यापयंती । स्वोच्छिष्टायां स्रजि निगळितं या बलात्कृत्य भुंक्ते गोदा तस्यै नम इदमिदं भूय एवास्तु भूयः ॥

State of Uttar Pradesh Vs Veerpal & Anr- 01/02/2022

Dying declaration-The evidentiary value of the dying declaration is further enhanced by the fact that it was accompanied by a certificate from the physician who was treating the deceased prior to her death, stating that the deceased remained fully conscious while making the statement.

Jenet Reno vs American Civil Liberties Union-26/06/1997

At issue is the constitutionality of two statutory provisions enacted to protect minors from "indecent" and "patently offensive" communications on the Internet. Notwithstanding the legitimacy and importance of the congressional goal of protecting children from harmful materials, we agree with the three judge District Court that the statute abridges "the freedom of speech" protected by the First Amendment.

East India Company incorporated cultivation of opium in India, and export it to China within its financial system-Karl Marx (1858)

. In 1800, the import into China had reached the number of 2,000 chests. Having, during the eighteenth century, borne the aspect common to all feuds between the foreign merchant and the national custom-house, the struggle between the East India Company and the Celestial Empire assumed, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, features quite distinct and exceptional; while the Chinese Emperor, in order to check the suicide of his people, prohibited at once the import of the poison by the foreigner, and its consumption by the natives, the East India Company was rapidly converting the cultivation of opium in India, and its contraband sale to China, into internal parts of its own financial system.

हिरण्यकेशि गृह्य सूत्रम्- Hiranyakeshi Grihya Sutram

उपनयनं व्याख्यास्यामः १ सप्तवर्षं ब्राह्मणमुपनयीत २ एकादशवर्षं राजन्यं द्वादशवर्षं वैश्यम् ३ वसन्तो ब्राह्मणं ग्रीष्मे राजन्यं शरदि वैश्यम् ४ आपूर्यमाणपक्षे पुण्ये नक्षत्रे विशेषेण पुंनामधेये ५ युग्मान्ब्राह्मणानन्नेन परिविष्य पुण्याहं स्वस्त्ययनमृद्धिमिति वाचयित्वा ६ आशितस्य कुमारस्य केशान्वापयित्वा स्नातमलंकृतम् ७ अहतं वासः परिधाय ८ प्राचीनप्रवण उदीचीनप्रवणे प्रागुदक्प्रवणे समे वा देश उद्धत्यावोक्ष्य ९ अग्निं मथित्वा लौकिकं वाहृत्य न्युप्योपसमादधाति ९० प्रागग्रैर्दर्भैरग्निं परिस्तृणाति ११ अपि वोदगग्राः पश्चात्पुरस्ताच्च भवन्ति १२ दक्षिणानुत्तरान्करोत्युत्तरानधरान्यदि प्रागुदगग्राः १३ दक्षिणेनाग्निं ब्रह्मायतने दर्भान्संस्तीर्य १४ मयि गृह्णामि । यो नो अग्निः

ऋषिपराशर कृत कृषिशास्त्रम्- Krishi Sastram by Parasara – 200 CE

वपनं रोपणं चैव बीजं स्यादुभयात्मकम् । (१८३.२) वपनं रोगनिर्मुक्तं रोपणं सगदं सदा ॥ (१८३.३) न वृक्षरूपं धान्यानां बीजाकर्षणमाचरेत् । (१८४.१) न प्हलन्ति दृढाः सर्वे बीजाः केदारसंस्थिताः ॥ (१८४.२)