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The Definition of Court in Indian Evidence Act

The least that is required of a Court is the capacity to deliver a “definitive judgment” and unless this power vests in a tribunal in any particular case, the mere fact that the procedure adopted by it is of a legal character and it has the power to administer an oath will not impart to it the status of a Court”, and came to the conclusion that the commission appointed under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952 is not a Court within the meaning of the Contempt of ‘Courts Act, 1952.

Jurisdiction of American Federal Court

Admiralty cases Cases involving securities and commodities regulation ,including takeovers of publicly held corporations Class action” cases Crimes under statutes enacted by congress Disputes between states Environmental regulation Federal constitutional issues Habeas corpus actions International trade […]

Courts and Tribunals in India

Admiralty Court Civil Court Commercial Court Consumer court Criminal Court Executive Magistrate`s Court   Family Court  High Courts Juvenile Court Labour Court Motor Accident Claim Court/Tribunal Supreme Court in India Original Division Appellate […]