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Impact Statement for Business is an assessment of impact on business due to crime

A witness statement allows a witness to give evidence to the court about the circumstances and nature of a crime. This will be used by the court to establish whether a crime was committed and by whom. When sentencing a person found ‘guilty’ of that crime, an ISB enables a business to set out the impact a crime has had on the business and this will be considered by the court when determining the appropriate sentence for the crime.

International and Transnational Crime and Justice

Trafficking in persons / smuggling of migrants Defining the concept of trafficking in persons Migrant smuggling as a specific crime type Corruption Corruption and organized crime Cybercrime General types of cybercrime Terrorism International terrorism

How to issue Medical Certificate of Death by a Registered Medical Practitioner

Death certificates serve the critical functions of providing documentation for legal/administrative purposes and vital statistics for epidemiologic/health policy purposes. In order to satisfy these functions, it is important that death certificates be filled out completely, accurately, and promptly. The high error rate in death certification has been documented in multiple prior studies, as has the effectiveness of educational training interventions at mitigating errors. The following guide to death certification is intended to illustrate some basic principles and common pitfalls in electronic death registration with the goal of improving death certification accuracy.


Promoting healthy brain development in utero reduces criminal behavior

There is a growing literature on biological explanations of antisocial and criminal behavior. This paper provides a selective review of three specific biological factors – psychophysiology (with the focus on blunted heart rate and skin conductance), brain mechanisms (with a focus on structural and functional aberrations of the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, and striatum), and genetics (with an emphasis on gene-environment and gene-gene interactions). Overall, understanding the role of biology in antisocial and criminal behavior may help increase the explanatory power of current research and theories, as well as inform policy and treatment options.

Crime and Criminal Law Index

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