Category: Criminal

This category collects the criminal laws of India and abroad. Multiple statutes have been analysed and several laws have ben explained.


International criminal court ICC

An International Criminal Court (“the Court”) is hereby established. It shall be a permanent institution and shall have the power to exercise its jurisdiction over persons for the most serious crimes of international concern, as referred to in this Statute, and shall be complementary to national criminal jurisdictions.

Abhinandan Jha and others Vs Dinesh Mishra-17/04/1967


It will be seen that the Code, as such does not use the expression ‘charge-sheet’ or ‘final report’. But is understood in the Police Manual containing Rules and Regulations, that a report by the police, filed under Section 170 of the Code, is referred to as a ‘charge-sheet’. But in respect of the reports sent under Section 169 i. e., when there is no sufficient evidence to justify the forwarding of the accused to a Magistrate, it is termed variously, in different States, as either ‘referred charge’, ‘final report’, or ‘Summary’.

Calcutta High Court ordered for verifiable independent expert opinion on Police Investigation Report-15/11/2019

Jyotsna Roy -VS- State of West Bengal & Ors.-Considering the nature of duties and in the jurisdiction exercised by the deceased and considering the death of the deceased at the age of 52 years while in service, such an event cannot be taken lightly, irrespective of whether a writ petition had been filed or not. The writ petition has only added substance to the requirement of an in-depth investigation. The Court is therefore in requirement of a verifiable independent expert
opinion on the results of the investigation collected so far.

Assam Jail Manual

ASSAM PRISONS ACT, 2013The Good Conduct Prisoners’ Probational Release Act, 1938 (Assam Act II of 1938)The Prisoners (Attendance in Court) Act, 1955 (Central Act XXIX of 1955)The Transfer of Prisoners Act, 1950 […]

Section 265 A of The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973

This Chapter shall apply in respect of an accused against whom the report has been forwarded by the officer in charge of the police station under section 173 alleging therein that an offence appears to have been committed by him other than an offence for which the punishment of death or of imprisonment for life or of imprisonment for a term exceeding seven years

Central Bureau of Investigation etc. Vs. Mrs. Pramila Virendra Kumar Agarwal & ANR. etc 25/09/2019

PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION-The absence of sanction no doubt can be agitated at the threshold but the invalidity of the sanction is to be raised during the trial. In the instant facts, admittedly there is a sanction though the accused seek to pick holes in the manner the sanction has been granted and to claim that the same is defective which is a matter to be considered in the trial.