Category: Custody of Child

Whether the family Court of Delhi has any jurisdiction when the parties and the minor Daughter are American?

The custody of the minor girl child M would remain with the appellant until she attains the age of majority or the Court of competent jurisdiction, trying the issue of custody of the minor child, orders to the contrary, with visitation and access rights to the biological father whenever he would visit India


Smt. Surinder Kaur Sandhu Versus Harbax Singh Sandhu and another [All SC 1984 APRIL]

The modern theory of conflict of Laws recognises and, in any event, prefers the jurisdiction of the State which has the most intimate contact with the issues arising in the case. The spouses in this case had made England their home where this boy was born to them. The father cannot deprive the English Court of its jurisdiction to decide upon his custody by removing him to India.