Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 [UK ]

  Introductory Text Part I Preliminary 1.Short title; commencement; extent 2.Interpretation of property, land, &c Part II Sales and other Transactions Contracts for Sale 3.Application of stated conditions of sale to all purchases 4.Completion of contract after death Discharge of Incumbrances on Sale 5.Provision by Court for incumbrances, and sale freed therefrom General Words 6.General… Read More Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 [UK ]

Conveyancing, Drafting, and Deeds

Affidavit-Agreements & MOU-Assignment-Banking Documents-Bonds-Club & Societies-Company Documentation-Development Agreement-Franchising-Joint venture-Notices-Partnership-Proof of Deeds & Documents-Power of Attorney-Project Consultancy & Service Agreement- Registration of Documents-Rectification, Modification, Revocation, and Cancellation of Deeds & Agreements-Shipping Documents-Software & Internet Documentation-Sale Deed- Sale of Ownership Flats-Shopping Malls-Sponsorship-Stamp Duty- Model Deeds 

Model Deeds

Sale Deed: Click Deed of Gift Property in Consideration of Natural Love: Click Partition Deed: Click Deed of Exchange Properties: Click Deed of Lease with Rent: Click Deed of Lease with Rent and Premium: Click Deed of Partnership between two Partners: Click Here Deed of Mortgage: Click